Friday, February 04, 2011


Well, this didn't turn out the way I expected. I finally admit defeat, not in the matter of the vertiginous champagne holding Alaia boots, but in the matter of the See by Chloe boots I thought were sensible. I have to admit, these boots, beautiful as they are, are not just half a size too small for me, but a whole size too small. Therefore, they have been worn for a sum total of a couple of hours, spending most of that time in a car or under a restaurant table where no one can see them. Not a fate deserving such pretty boots. I have a bad habit of keeping shoes that don't fit me, just so I can look at them. But there's enough shoe sculpture lurking in my wardrobe already. I know a lot of you liked these boots when I bought them, so you get first choice. They are size (eur) 37 (UK) 4 and look exactly as new, including the heel which is not worn down at all. (Obviously the soles have been walked on outside.)

They are See by Chloe A/W10, black leather with brass stud detail, 3 and a half inch heels.
I'm selling them for £140 + postage: (£5 within UK, £7 Europe, £10 worldwide)
If you're interested just send me an email: lolaisbeauty[AT]hotmail[DOT]co[DOT]uk - don't forget to tell me where you're located, then I'll send you a Paypal invoice including the shipping.

First come, first served!


Rose said...

they are ever so lovely and my feet are very much a size 39- very sad- I hope they find a good home

ackebea said...

Love those boots for sure

Paper Heart Girl said...

Ahhhh, they're so nice. I'm, sadly, a 5! Gorgeous shoes all the same!xxx

If Jane said...

oh you do have taste!!
nope...i am perfect 39...sorry

(but chloe's that don't fit = french sofia mags that are avail..;))

it's the E= F + P math that works so well. x