Friday, February 25, 2011


There have been so many good films in the past year - it feels as if I go to the cinema every day. Here are some short and very subjective reviews of all the films nominated for Best Picture at this year's Academy Awards.

Black Swan
: Outlandish, ridiculous, slick, visually stylish, rollercoaster ride, reminded me of Rosemary's Baby. Natalie Portman will win best actress.

The Fighter: Christian Bale had better win best supporting actor, loved Melissa Leo, exhilarating, had everything, unexpectedly brilliant. Wish it would win best picture. CHRISTIAN BALE.

Inception: The Paris bit, effects, effects, clever effects, enjoyable but Marion Cotillard's character was disappointing. Will probably win for effects?

The Kids Are All Right: Mark Ruffalo is hot. The bit with the gardener was funny. Can't see it winning.

The King's Speech:
Lovely walls, Helena Bonham Carter wasn't annoying for once, Geoffrey / Colin, corgis!, ugh - too patriotically rousing at the end. I want The Fighter or Black Swan to win Best Film but this probably will. Would prefer Javier Bardem to win best actor for Biutiful, even though that film made me lapse into unfathomable despair. 

127 Hours: James Franco is good at everything *edit* except hosting the Oscars - we all know. (Shame...) Loud, bright, almost impossibly annoying before the fall, pulled all the usual Danny Boyle strings. Someone fainted in the cinema when I watched it and they stopped the film and carted her out. This, for me, added to the drama.

The Social Network: Moi - nonplussed. A perfectly accomplished film that felt flat, though I do feel totally justified in my hatred of Facebook now. Will probably win everything. Justin Timberlake deserves an award for Worst Hair In A Motion Picture.

Toy Story 3: Don't be ridiculous, I'm not watching it.

True Grit: The little girl was good. Horses. Guns. Not my type of film but more than bearable.

A Winter's Bone: Bleak, pick up trucks, rednecks, plaid, made me even more scared of that whole swathe of America. Someone said, "Like Roseanne except really depressing and not funny at all."

Agree? Disagree?

{Yeah, I cropped Anne Hathaway out of the pic for obvious reasons. What will James Franco do if he's both hosting the ceremony (with Anne) and wins Actor in a Leading Role? I'm sure he'd like to present it to himself. Or when he accepts it he'll have to keep holding it and immediately turn to do his next introduction. These are things I think about.}


Rose said...

I think good walls is the best review I've seen of the King's Speech- I think that is a lovely little film (although I do agree about the end really). It has sort of taken on a life of its own that's a bit strange now- because it's a quiet film and it's being marketed with that big trailer.

I haven't seen everything because I'm rubbish but I think it's going to be Portman, Firth if there's any justice (but on a cumaltive basis partly because he was a bit robbed for a Single Man and that's how the Oscar's work). I don't know about the supportings, I would love Julianne Moore to win an Oscar one day though.

I hate Facebook too and came out of A Social Network feeling vindicated. Sorkin is a genius- that dialogue is insanely fast but not in a bad way. The problem with the film is that the lead character has no soul- and he wins- honestly that's probably realistic about life but I think it leaves you feeling empty- maybe where the King's Speech has people up clapping is because, for once, the nice guy won his battle (his speech battle I mean, not all the flag waving).

I haven't seen everything and it's all ballyhoo the Oscars but I do get very excited anyway.

Have you seen Never Let Me Go?

Claire * Lola Is Beauty said...

I kind of love/love to hate the Oscars! You don't get to see many good bad dresses these days's such a bumper year for good films though really (i.e. films I enjoyed!)

I haven't seen Never Let Me Go yet - I read the book about a month ago in preparatiom, but then didn't go to see the film! Did you see that programme about the real King's Speech? They interviewed ex patients of Logue's and showed previously edited out footage of King George's speeches where he struggled with his words.

nina said...

#worsthairinmotionpicture!!!! his hair was just wrong! Like a drunken sheep.

Ginta said...

I'd really like Bardem to win but being realistic he won't. :( Biutiful made me speechless literally for an hour. I had a feeling that Inarritu knows where my soul is located and he pierced it multiple times from different angles.
I haven't seen everything but I agree about the winners.

danica said...

i think you are the first person that had the same reaction to the social network as me. i thought it was ok, but i couldn't see what everyone was raving about. it's pretty run of the mill.

and yes, justin timberlake should get that award!

coquette said...

Toy Story was amazing though!!! - Elisabeth

Claire * Lola Is Beauty said...

Danica - why did it keep winning - and everyone was cheering it?! I don't get it, but then I don't get facebook either!

Coquette - you're the third person I trust who's said they loved Toy Story - I may have to watch it. One day.