Thursday, March 03, 2011


It's Thursday, and that means it's Bloggers + Cats day. Today's featured feline is Lula, who lives with Elle from the superb Diana Mini Love and Everything Reminds Me of You. I love doing something that I classify as work, which involves me uploading photos that make me exclaim things like, "So. Tiny. And. Little."(See below.) Thank you Elle, and thank you Lula for being so adorable. You'd never know about her little habit to look at her...

The basics: What breed is she, how old, how did you come to live with her, why did you call her Lula?

Lula is an 18 month old tabby and white moggy. She chose me, rather than the other way around. When I went to see her litter, she clung onto me like a little spider monkey, dug her kitten claws into my coat and refused to let go. I named her Lula as I'd picked up the magazine of the same name that morning and it just seemed to fit. (Recently, Anabela of Fieldguided told me that Lula means 'squid' in Portuguese. Which I think is very cute.)

How would you describe Lula's personality?

She's like a lovable crack addict. I nicknamed her Super Hans (a character in the UK comedy Peep Show). She swings from cuddles, to acrobatics, to ninja stalking, to crazy lunatic jumping, to completely comatose every half hour or so. Despite being a bit bonkers at times, she's a very sweet little cat.

What is Lula's favourite food?

Yogurt. She can hear a pot of it being opened from across the flat. She gets to lick the foil lid.

Where is Lula's preferred lounging location? Does she have any signature poses?

On top of the TV while it's on. She'll then lean over and watch the show upside down. Or in a paper bag, box or even better, wrapping paper. (She loves to sleep in paper. And eat it)

What is a day in the life of Lula like?

As soon as she knows I'm awake she'll demand cuddles. My flat is two storeys up, so she's an indoor cat. She gets her exercise in the morning by running laps around the flat, knocking everything in her path over. She'll stalk and chase the reflections from the morning sun. Climb the drying rack and pull all of my clothes down. Eat some bugs. Then maybe time for a snack and a nap. Repeat as required throughout the day. She hears me walking down the path when I come home from work. So she always greets me right by the door when I walk in. (Aww).

Do you have any amusing/weird/cute Lula moments or stories you'd like to share?

I had a really good story about eating too many bugs, but decided it best to leave that one out! (too gross!)

Strange Lula fact - she doesn't meow. For such an outgoing cat it's very strange. She's not mute, she can make sounds (maybe every couple of months or so she'll let out one solitary "meow"). If she wants to tell me something, she'll just bite me (but not hard). Odd.

I knitted her a little jersey for Christmas 2009. She posed for one photo and then totally shredded it. We clearly have very different fashion tastes. [Ed/Lola note: don't even think about it.]

Quickfire round:

Birds or mice?


Sunlight or radiator?


Tap or bowl?

Cath Kidston wine glass. She refused to drink out of a water bowl from the day she moved in. She wouldn't even drink out of a fancy cat water fountain I got her. She only wanted to drink out of vessels meant for humans. So I relented and now she has her own CK glasses throughout the flat that she knows she's allowed to drink from. (She will also try and drink my cup of tea if she thinks I'm not looking).

Lap or laptop?


Snuggling or stretching?


Cats or humans?

Um, I think she thinks she is a human.

{All photos © Elle.}


If Jane said...

lula is adorable and quite the character!!! ;))

Deleilan said...

Life with Lula sounds like quite the adventure!

anabela / fieldguided said...

Aw, Lula!! I've "known" Lula for a while but this is all new to me. I think she and Pony would get along very well -- they're both a bit nuts! What a sweet little cat!

Thanks for this, Elle & Claire! x

Siubhan said...

Aw, she's a cutie. Love the picture of her drinking out of a glass - and a jumper! Amazing!

She sounds super sweet and characterful - thanks for sharing her!

Elizabeth MacCrellish said...

oh dear god I am loving this bloggers and cats feature WAYyyy too much and have deep fear that I may start thinking about getting a cat which is NOT possible--- but oh man, I am LOVING this, Claire-- loving it.

xox, E

Milly said...

So cute! Exactly what I need to look at on a Friday morning to start my weekend!x

herecomesthesun said...

So so so cute it makes me giggle. Especially the picture and story about her only drinking from human vessels- I LOVE that. My kitties are always trying to sip my hot drinks or the left overs of my ceral when I'm not looking.

la femme said...

That's hilarious - what an adorable cat. Weirdly, my tabby also refuses to drink from a bowl or any "cat-appropriate" item. I leave mugs of water out for her instead.

Inspired series!

Kazuko said...

i love love love your "bloggers & cats" thursdays! seriously, those posts make my day! looking forward to the next! xoxoxo

Claire * Lola Is Beauty said...

Thank you, everyone! Haha, I love that it's making non cat people "turn". These bloggers + cats posts are making my day too!