Thursday, March 17, 2011


This week on Bloggers + Cats we have sweet young Fritz the cat, who belongs to Olympia Le-Tan. You'll often catch a glimpse of Fritz's little face on The Olympia Press, which Olympia updates with dispatches from her world, which includes making insanely amazing book-clutches, recently making a short film with Spike Jonze, being a first rate cat mama and generally being the Queen of Felt.

Thank you Olympia - and Fritz!

The basics: What breed is Fritz, how old is she, how did you come to live with her, why did you call her Fritz?

Fritz is not of any particular breed. She is 8 months old. My sister gave her to me for my Birthday in October. She is called Fritz like the Robert Crumb cartoon Fritz the cat.

Fritz the day Olympia got her

How would you describe Fritz's personality?

She is the sweetest cat ever. Very cuddly and very playful.

Fritz and the Smiths

What is Fritz's favourite food?

She only likes one kind of food which is Purina One Natural Balance.

Where is Fritz's preferred lounging location? Does she have any signature poses?

Fritz has a round Mr. A cushion that she likes to lie on. She generally is curled up into a little ball.

Fritz on her favourite cushion

What is a day in the life of Fritz like?

Sleeping, eating, playing, sleeping, playing, eating, sleeping.

Do you have any amusing/weird/cute Fritz moments or stories you'd like to share?

She has fallen into the bathtub (a full bathtub!) twice!

Fritz thinking about what to read

Quickfire round:

Birds or mice?

Neither for the moment

Sunlight or radiator?


Tap or bowl?


Lap or laptop?


Snuggling or stretching?


Cats or humans?


{All photos © Olympia Le-Tan}


pia said...


Mademoiselle Robot said...

Ha! Fritz looks like Brak's sister from another mister.

anabela / fieldguided said...

Aw, Fritz looks so much like Oreo! I always wonder what Oreo would have looked like when she was a mini mini cat.

If Jane said...

wow fritz is adorable!!! ;))

Anonymous said...

Fritz has impeccable taste in music.

la femme said...

the photos are amazing!!

Bombay Beauty said...

adorable! xo bb

MANDY said...

I love her and her cat !!!
Oh and thanks for the tip on the H&M pillowcases.

R A said...

Super adorable kitten. The bathtub story made me smile.