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I'm very happy to present to you the latest edition of Bloggers + Cats featuring Kate Miss from For Me, For You and the lovely Wendy! *Applause*. I'm sure you've all seen Wendy on For Me, For You - and she's quite the trooper: how many cats do you know who have completed a NY to LA cross country road trip, complete with motel stays? Wendy's a bit of a quiet rock star. She and Lola could compare notes on their early years and seem to have many of the same characteristics - maybe because of that? And are we the only people without a cat hiding in the bathroom story?! Thank you Kate and Wendy!

The basics: What breed is Wendy, how old is she, how did you come to live with her, why did you call her Wendy?
Wendy is a tuxedo cat, and we think she's around three years old. My boyfriend and I rescued her from a vet clinic in the East Village in Manhattan where someone had dropped her off for surgery and never picked her up! She lived in cage for six months, so when we took her home, she got horribly sick and almost died. Luckily she came around, but it's been a struggle ever since, dealing with her obvious past of abuse and neglect. She has come so far, though!

How would you describe Wendy's personality?

She looks sweet and innocent in my photos, but she's kind of a terror sometimes. For the longest time she would attack us without warning, but she barely ever does that anymore. We've both learned all the little things she hates and to stay away from (touching her back, always pet her from behind, no picking her up!) She's recently started to cuddle and actually want to sit in your lap sometimes, which is pretty awesome! She still has her aggro moments, however.

What is Wendy's favourite food?

She loves her dry food more than anything in this world. She has NO interest in human food, plants, or anything she shouldn't eat, thankfully. But she loves food so much we had to get her an automatic feeder, so paws on our face in the morning is no longer a daily occurrence.

Where is Wendy's preferred lounging location? Does she have any signature poses?

During the day she likes to stretch herself out on the wood floors, and is a fan of the paw-over-nose move quite often, or hanging out on her back with her paws in the air. She's always striking hilarious sleeping poses. But at night she enjoys opening up the drawer I keep my shirts in, pulling out all of the shirts onto the floor, and climbing in. I didn't think she was smart enough for a maneuver like this, but apparently I don't give her enough credit. She LOVES tiny spaces, like many cats.

What is a day in the life of Wendy like?
She's like a baby: eat, sleep, litter box. Repeat. She's not very playful and is content sleeping forever. Sometimes she'll watch the birds out the window, sometimes she'll chase a rope we have, which is the only thing she'll play with. She likes to sit by the door and listen for our neighbors coming home who have a dog. She's fascinated by the hallway outside of our apartment door.

Do you have any amusing/weird/cute Wendy moments or stories you'd like to share?
The first day we moved into our apartment here in Venice, we came home after a grocery shopping trip to find that Wendy was absolutely NOWHERE in the apartment. We tore everything apart, even though we barely had anything in the apartment, checking every nook and cranny. No Wendy. I was hysterical, and my boyfriend was convinced that someone stole her because for some insane reason that was the most logical explanation to him as every window and door was closed. After an hour of panic and sobbing, one of us decided to open the drawer in the bathroom under the sink. Somehow that damn cat had crawled into the drawer, though it was completely closed, from underneath (secret trap door?? we still to this day can't figure it out). She just barely fit inside of it, curled up and asleep. Needless to say we basically threw a parade for finding that crazy cat.

Quickfire round:

Birds or mice?


Sunlight or radiator?

Girl loves her a sunbeam!

Tap or bowl?


Lap or laptop?

The laptop is her boyfriend

Snuggling or stretching?

Cats or humans?
Humans. we've never seen her around another animal before!

{All photos: ©Kate Miss}


anabela / fieldguided said...

Oh hooray! Love that Wendy!! Poor Wendy -- I get angry every time I read about her past! Thank goodness for William & Kate.

If Jane said...

it's nice when you hear that an animal has finally found a safe home...;)

erica-knits said...

Oh Wendy, I'm a huge fan of yours.

Lexie, Little Boat said...

i love love love this blogger & cat survey! so nice to hear a little bit more about wendy's likes and dislikes :)

hila said...

she sounds exactly like my brother's cat, personality wise. I rescued my cat too, and he has a similar background to wendy. Poor little things, it's beyond me how anyone can neglect or be mean to them.

p.s. that shot of wendy on her back is so cute!!

Joanna Goddard said...

i am so in love with this series! so adorable :)

Claire * Lola Is Beauty said...

Anabela, If Jane, Hila - I know, same with Lola - very similar story and long lasting personality traits because of it.

Erica-Knits - Wendy is a superstar...they all are really!

Lexie - thank you!

Joanna - thanks! I wish you had a cat!

ephemerette said...

Bless, she looks a little bit like my little Missy. Really loving these interviews x

Rhiannon said...

our cat had abandonment issues and after two years she's really starting to just come through those. poor babies.

and i had a disappearing act like that with ginny right after we got her. she crawled under the cabinets in the kitchen through a teeny tiny hole and just hid under there and scared the crap out of me for a whole day. i was beside myself.

Alice said...

hahaha yesss, love this series. I'm such a nut about my cat. It does good to know there's others out there as well. xxx LOVE WENDY. She's got so much personality!

Jennifer said...

I'm a big fan of Wendy (and, of course, Kate) so I'm loving this post. Yay for feline interviews!

Feeona said...

I love hearing about animals that have been saved from a not so bright future, makes me all gooey inside. Lovely Post (-:

Kim said...

Awwww, sweet Wendy! I was notvaware of this feature until Kate posted about it on her blog - soooo excited to read more!

Mo Pie, Please said...

This post just completely oozes cuteness. I'm so glad to have found it. So very glad.