Thursday, April 28, 2011


From my Instagram pictures we can deduce that there is something of a red, white and blue theme going on in London this week. Also, many Union Jack flags, big and small, fluttering in the breeze and not a major football tournament in sight (or maybe there is, I wouldn't know).

I have inadvertently been very clever regarding THE WEDDING. For months I've been avoiding the news, newspapers (it's not as if they were reporting any news) or anything to do with it, because I just could not be ARSED with it all. Nothing could be of less interest. I've even got a royal wedding sickbag (it was a gift). Then, today I suddenly decided it might be quite exciting and now I'm going to host a brunch to celebrate it / watch it on TV. As someone pointed out today, it's the first positive, happy national event people of our generation have lived through. And everyone gets a day off.
I bought purple sweet peas from Moyses Stevens (royal florist - and only a fiver a bunch guvnor) and I plan to pay attention to the nuptials from precisely 10am - @ 3pm/whenever I get bored - and then go back to ignoring it and all the attendant every single person in the world commentating on and/or trying to cash in on it argy bargy thanks very much.

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If Jane said...

i am getting up at 3am (i have to work at 10am)...;))
(suddenly romance in london really interests me). P

Bombay Beauty said...

good choice. you won't know if the moment turns out to be meaningful till much later. i remember the last royal wedding well as a very young thing. not sure what it mean to me then, or now, but somehow glad i did... xo bb

christine donee said...

Confession? I didn't watch it. Sigh.

But I am thoroughly enjoying these photos..

P R I M O E Z A said...

i was a bit like you - the wedding wasn't even on my radar. but then i happened to turn on the tv right when they were saying their vows, so i did watch it in the end.