Sunday, April 17, 2011


Blogs/tumblrs about women wearing mens/androgynous clothing. I approve.

Tomboy Style
Wearing the Pants
And I'm forgetting one I really like.

Two pieces of knitwear that need to be mine:

Colenimo Amelia jumper (AW11/12)

Hetterson Crenelle + patches striped jumper.


erica said...

as much as jcrew bugs me every time it features a 'borrowed from the boys' look, i am still fond of girls in men's trousers. i haven't worn skinny jeans in ages now. if i want the skinny look, i just wear leggings, but boyfriend jeans and trousers are much more comfortable.

crenelle sweater, you will be mine someday!

emma said...

Is it perhaps "La Garçonne" you're forgetting?

If Jane said...

yep i think it is you stylewise (yet always holding that feminine edge!)

margaret said...

I don't know of any other blogs that are devoted to menswear for women or for tomboys in general. I, too, am in love with 'tomboy style'. I can't get enough of it!

On a slightly different note, I am interested in hearing your observations on the blessed nuptial event taking place next week.