Thursday, May 19, 2011


Oh, how I am spoiling you with the unbearable cuteness of kittens. Haha, it's almost cruel. This tiny pair live with Jeska from the wonderful Lobster & Swan and I am besotted with them. If they were mine I don't think I'd ever be able to leave the house without them. (In any case, since I started this series people think I'm such a zany cat freak that they wouldn't be that surprised if I walked around with kittens sticking out of my pockets. I shall perhaps place Lola in a maxi-clutch.) My favourite thing about Wallace and Marlo, apart from the whole adorable miniaturised tiger thing, is that they're named after gangsters. Enjoy - and thank you Jeska!

What breed are they, how old are they, how did you come to live with them, why did you call them Wallace and Marlo?
They are two 5 month old girl tabby kittens, with what looks like a bit of Bengal in them, we rescued them both from a cat sanctuary and it was called Streetcatz so we named them after gangsters from The Wire. The sanctuary named them Blossom and Tulip but with their wild big cat natures those would never stick!
We always thought we would be a pet free household but after living with friends and their crazy cat Marty in California for three weeks, we discovered that we really liked having a cat around and two weeks after coming home we saved these little girls and I don't think either of us have never fallen in love so fast. I have allergies and mild asthma which were both worse when I was a child; growing up my parents always had pets which I rarely played with and always washed my hands after touching, but in Cali I was fine with Marty and after a couple of weeks with these two, my sneezing stopped and now I can cuddle them all day with no worries which makes me so happy.

How would you describe their personalities? Are they friends?

They are best friends but love to wrestle, Marlo is clearly the boss and often takes away whatever Wally is playing with. Marlo is also the feisty one always has her claws out even just to walk across your lap, but she also loves a good cuddle and snuggle and to sleep really close to us. Wally is the gentler one but after a stroke and a neck scratch likes to wander off and sleep on her own.

What are their respective favourite foods?

They both love Dreamie's, and Marlo tries to get her whiskers on my morning Actimel everyday, plus they are both partial to a scrap of cheese cake!

Do Wallace and Marlo have preferred lounging locations?

Wallace likes to sleep curled up by our feet or on the back of the sofa on a scratchy deer skin rug and Marlo is very fond of lap laying or burrowing under the blankets and throws on the sofa, we always have to make sure to locate her before sitting down!

Any signature poses?

Marlo will often lay on the corner of the coffee table or sideboard with her paws hanging off the edge, like a fishing tiger and Wally stretches out like a boomerang or when the camera is out, hides with her paws over her eyes.

What is a day in the lives of Wallace and Marlo like?

They are up at 6am knocking on our bedroom door to be let in, playing boisterously (climbing curtains and trashing my jewellery stands) until one of us gets up to feed them, play chase for a while, then about mid morning they start to snooze off and on until my husband gets home between 6 and 7, they then go ballistic for a few hours before bed time and maybe stay up later than us for a spot of night prowling around the perimeter of the house.

Do you have any amusing/weird/cute Wallace/Marlo moments or stories you'd like to share?

Every day they do something that makes me laugh out loud, unravelling toilet rolls, stealing my things, Wallace will come over to give you a kiss then scamper off and they both make this funny purring meow noise a bit like when you roll your tongue? I love how they prowl around just like miniature tigers, Wally lost her first tooth this morning and when the vet put the plastic cones on their heads their moon walking for ages was too funny.
Interviewer: "So, if you could take a picture of you with the two kittens?"

Quickfire round:

Birds or mice?
Neither yet, only chasing lady birds and flies, but when we get a garden, I think all of nature should be afraid, they watch at the windows for every passing seagull and pigeon!

Sunlight or radiator?

Wally loves both, Marlo prefers to curl up next to my body heat while I am writing or replying to emails.

Tap or bowl?
Tap or any cup that belongs to us.

Lap or laptop?


Snuggling or stretching?


Cats or humans?
I'll take a pinch of both, although since I have overcome my allergies I am rather cat obsessed. These two really have turned our hearts and lives upside down in a way I would never have thought possible, and our friends still can't believe we have them! I have never been happier.


Gem Fatale said...

Aww they are the cutest things EVER! I hope my cat Roxy isn't reading this...

Love that Jeska names them after characters from The Wire. I have only just got over my addiction to that show!

If Jane said...

oh too cute!!! (i fear steevy would eat them!)...

katie said...

Oh they are sooo cute. One of them looks like my kitty when he was a baby!

Kazuko said...

oh my days - i wasn't ready for this! they are to die for. also checked jeska's beautiful blog and was happy to read that i'm not the only one who goes so crazy about pets in her life she never thought she actually wanted. :)

hila said...

awwww!! no, that won't do, I need to say it again: aww! seriously way too cute. What a lovely interview, this has to be one of my favourite things on the blogsphere these days. They look so much like my little kitty when he was a kitten.

Tiffany said...

that first belly shot is pretty enormous.

P R I M O E Z A said...

look at those two, so adorable! i once saw a bengal in someone's window, and it was a seriously beautiful cat.