Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I realise that by posting these pictures I'm at risk of finding myself on the PR mailing lists of The Sheep Herders' Association, Young Farmers and Cattle News (I already get sent anything and everything to do with horse racing, because I once mentioned a Shetland pony. For clarity's sake: I do not need to be kept up to date with all the sheep/farming news - though I wouldn't say no to a complimentary National Trust membership.)

Getting out into the countryside has been the best thing about this summer - inclement weather becomes interesting rather than bad, walking with friends, their kids, dogs, going to visit people's puppies - I know, not the usual LIB content but very much needed.

I tried to muster some enthusiasm for the usual subjects (see shoe post below) but in truth I only have pictures like this to show you at the moment. These only give a partial representation - I put these photos in to be developed in Lewisham last Monday afternoon. They were ready to collect an hour later but good old laziness got the better of me and (thankfully) I didn't go back. Everything is still strange - not just in central Lewisham but everywhere around here: shops boarded up, glaziers working overtime, everything very, very quiet apart from the occasional sirens. I never thought I'd be glad to hear a police siren. I'm always full of enthusiasm for the hood, but how to come to terms with living right in the middle of what last week very quickly turned into three riot/looting zones.

{my photos - taken in Kent and Hampshire}


Raz said...

I love sheep - not in a weird way, I just think they're really nice animals. Plus they're so fluffy... if only they liked cuddles.

lola is beauty said...

"not in a weird way!"

chandra said...

Wonderful and wobbly!

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Yes , the beginning of last week was horrible . Stoke Newington shut down early Sunday evening and the streets emptied .
We were lucky but the atmosphere in North London became odder and odder , even in unaffected areas everyone stayed super-alert .
At least the endless helicopters clattering overhead have gone now and things can slowly be rebuilt . We have to hope it was a "one-off" .