Monday, September 05, 2011


September always feels like the real beginning of the year to me. Who wants to make resolutions, stride forward and make things happen in darkest January? I never do, but September does that for me. You won't find me bemoaning the end of summer because - we don't have one here, though I was lucky to feel a little bit of sun in Portugal and I'll bet they still have some over there. But August always seems to me like a flat month - nothing changes, the flowers and greenery start to look stale, the rest of Europe is on holiday - it's that sort of in-betweeny stagnant feeling that suddenly lifts with the beginning of September. I LOVE AUTUMN. It makes me want to get on with it, bring in new things for the coming season, let go of the old, prepare for the coming winter. (I also really struggle with the last months of winter - again, over it - get some leaves on those trees would you.) Of course September gives you all those back to school feelings, which was never fun, but was much alleviated by choosing back to school shoes and bags.

This September I'm allowing myself to buy some new clothes - something I haven't really done for three years due to er, being completely skint all the time! I feel quite excited about it because it's been so long. Time for a major wardrobe overhaul - hence the shop to let go of things I don't wear - not because I don't like them but because boringly maybe, I know what suits me. One of the reasons I never post about what I wear is because it would quickly become oh, extremely repetitive. I generally wear the same things over and over until I change to a new thing. Winter is basically cropped trousers and a cashmere jumper. Though my aim is always to buy good quality clothes that last, I've been wearing things until they literally wear out, which started to make me feel a bit downtrodden and glum. I bought a couple of new things over the summer, but nothing that really changes my wardrobe.

Colenimo Amelia jumper
The elbow of my beloved, much worn APC cashmere jumper finally wore through the other day (elbow patches forthcoming) and then as fate would have it Colenimo opened its webshop at the weekend so I was able to snap up the dreamy Amelia jumper I'd had my eye on. I was their first customer, haha! That made both me and them happy I think... So that's my replacement for the cashmere jumper - now I need a much better upgrade for the crappy navy cropped trousers I've been wearing for ages - I swear I'm going to throw them in the bin, really I am, just really soon, I will. And after wading through literally thousands of polyester vintage polka dot blouses on etsy, I finally found some that weren't highly flammable, so I'll show you those when they arrive.

Emerson Made black and cream ribbons blouse
The amount of times in the past year that I've placed a huge order from Emerson Made in the cart then got worried about customs charges and fees and bailed I cannot tell you; it's too embarrassing. If I could just have one of everything they make I'd be all set for winter - no, for life! The woman is a genius, but then you already know that. OK, I'd start with this, this, these and this. But yeah, I really like their little black pant and I already own a few cummerbunds, though it seems a shame juuusst to get those and nothing else. *Cogitation.*

Onwards with the winter wardrobe reinvention. First stop: my shoe guy to get rubber soles put on my APC Mary Janes.


Anonymous said...

Can I ask who is your shoe guy? I desperately need most of my shoes resoled! Thanks Beth

lola is beauty said...

Beth - don't know where you're located but it's just a local-ish cobblers/keycutters in Blackheath - can't remember the name, hence "shoe guy." I don't live in Blackheath but my thing is always to use dry cleaners/cobblers etc in a well heeled (ha) area as they're less likely to ruin stuff!

Also Kehoe's in London Bridge are pretty good.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, it's always good to get a recommendation. I work near Bermondsey so London Bridge is perfect. Nice shoe pun :)

la femme said...

Ha, yes custom fees are awful. I have everything sent to friends in the US now, and drive down every few months to pick the loot up. Saves a ton, despite the mileage.

Gorgeous blouse from Emerson Made! I hope you're happy with your September shopping haul...