Tuesday, October 04, 2011


At Gare du Nord on the taxi queue sprint from the Eurostar I see a driver holding up a sign for "Mr J. Cocker." No time to turn around and look for him, that line waits for no one!

On the Pont des Arts Diane von Furstenberg is wearing two watches and saying, "Ahhh, on de breeedggee?"

Fashion people who'd packed at the beginning of fashion month pre-Europe wide heatwave were still committed to wearing heavy wool and tweed full autumn/winter looks - and in one case admirably tolerating a wintery leather dress. In 33 degree heat.

The trees at Place Dauphine are gone! So sad. They had some kind of chestnut tree disease. They've been replaced by saplings, but still what a shock.

A proper post will be forthcoming once I get my film developed - but don't expect much fashion coverage - once in Paris my priorities quickly became "resting" and "refreshments", then I had to cut my trip short by four days.


Tiffany said...

DANGIT! I missed you :(

lola is beauty said...

Oh, you were there too? Dang it! Another of many missed connections on this trip!

Margaret said...

Ah, too bad you weren't able to get a shot of the placard for Jarvis. I would have died to have been in your shoes for that one.

lola is beauty said...

Margaret - I was torn between slowing down to get my camera out and take a shot, and getting to the line fast so I didn't have to wait an hour for a taxi! I chose taxi!

Margaret said...

C'est la vie. Jarvis will pop up again another time!

I probably would have done the same thing as you, but of course, make obvious note of it. ;)

I will be heading over to London to be with family in late december. what to do?!