Saturday, December 31, 2011


When I started writing this post it was all, "If I see 2011 around here again I'm going to kick its arse out of the door, slam it hard, barricade it and run away screaming." But then I realised that makes no sense in the context of the blog, because I don't really blog about personal stuff. And let's keep things positive, hmm? Then I thought I can easily get away with glossing over 2011 by making my new year's post purely visual - maybe throw in a rare archive photo of Anna Karina or something... But I also realised that here I have a reliable document that shows me 2011 wasn't all bad, because the good stuff is what I blogged about - even if it was few and far between and I was a little less energetic or diligent than usual. How can I be disparaging about a year in which I inaugurated Bloggers + Cats (February) started writing travel dispatches for Fathom (May), finally visited Lisbon (August) and loved it more than I could ever have dreamed, and spent lots and lots of time with friends old and new - that's what I want to remember: the meals and the drinks, the walks and the good company.

I don't have resolutions, but if anything I'd like to plan for more of the good stuff, so it's not outweighed by just reacting to and fire fighting the horrible stuff.

So here's to you and to more of the good stuff in 2012.

{And er, to less of my Instagram photos taking the place of actual real photos. Promise.}


trashsparkle said...

I love your Bloggers and Cats - its going to become legendary. I was thinking only yesterday that many bloggers seem to have cats - are people with cats more likely to have blogs, or is it that people with blogs tend to have cats?? Oh, that's far too esoteric... its bad enough working out the chicken and egg thing!

Here's to more feeling good, increasing moments of being contented, relishing the details, and less fire fighting next year.

Happy New Year! x

Nancy Baric *negfilm said...

as i read the first sentence, i immediately envisioned a period piece à la kubrick's barry lyndon (the film was completely lit by candles!)

yes we must stay positive...and bravo for you and the super things that happened for you!!! more in 2012 i say!!!

and my heart skipped a beat: less instagram more real photos...merci beaucoup!

happy new year claire!!!! xxn

Kate said...

Here's to many good things coming towards you in 2012! Always a pleasure to come to your blog and find an update.

ephemerette said...

I absolutely support 'plan for the good stuff' as the right way to go. Here's to taking as many steps as possible to make it a good year to come.

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

yes, let's start planning something good for 2012!
Happy new year dear Claire xox

Camille said...

Happy new year Claire!

I had a similar reaction when I started thinking about the past year as a whole: I feel I have spent a tiring and wasteful year, but when considering the facts, I actually accomplished quite a few things, phew!

I wish you a much better year than the last, and I agree with you, planning for more of the good stuff is an excellent idea. xo

hila said...

"I'd like to plan for more of the good stuff, so it's not outweighed by just reacting to and fire fighting the horrible stuff." yes, I totally agree with that. I don't blog too much about personal stuff either, but I find my blog 'therapeutic' nonetheless.

Here's to a fabulous new year claire, and lots of good stuff! and thank you for letting me be a part of bloggers + cats last year - the best blogging meme ever.


charlotte said...

yes, here's to much, much more good stuff, starting with more olives, champagne and the stratospheric rise of the claw! xx

lola is beauty said...

Trashsparkle - thank you and I think creative/design minded people are more drawn to cats, which most bloggers are, or the ones I know anyway!

Nancy - aux arms, citoyens! I do kind of have the heebies about 2011. Promise, more real photos.

Kate - thank you!

Ephemerette - let's make it a plan for 2012 indeed. Happy new year!

Mia - we must - start thinking! Happy new year sweet. xx

Camille - I wish you the same for 2012, lots of the good stuff.

Hila - thank you - and Kobi - happy 2012 x

Charlotte - There's more in store for the claw, that's for sure! Just rolls off the tongue. Let's plan a champagne and stripes party to start the year off peachy! xx