Sunday, February 19, 2012


Oh, I have not been here, but I can't really say where I've been. Not because I'm being coy or have been on some kind of exciting secret mission, but because I don't know where the time went and now time has passed so anything I was going to tell you seems so long ago. I can't seem to keep up with myself at the moment, or focus on any of the billion different ideas and projects I have racing around in my head and all the things I have to do.

I will try and remember the past week at least:

A make up artist at Selfridges got me in a chair, then half way through applying blusher to my cheeks told me she was doing a Kate Middleton make up look on me and I couldn't escape.

I had a training session for something voluntary I'm going to do, which is simultaneously very exciting and terrifying.

I visited Laetitia and her cardboard doppelganger in the window of Forever 21 in Oxford Street - they were both in fine form, though one was more animated than the other.

I went to Lauren's new place in Primrose Hill and instructed her in the ways of white sage smudging, which were taught to me by the very wise Elizabeth.

I didn't manage to make it to any LFW stuff I was invited to - sorry everyone - and sorry to people who've invited me to things because if you emailed me in the past week, I probably didn't even reply.

I got obsessed with my new fabric shaver. The Miu Miu coat I was going to give to charity because it was bobbly all over = like new again. My fave Sessùn jumper that I only wore round the house for the same reason = de-fuzzed, like new. I can't believe those crappy looking things work!

I kept putting off renewing my passport because I have such anxiety about surrendering the old one. I imagine someone is going to want to whisk me off somewhere amazing during the time I don't have one. Yep, I am a certified wanderluster. That and there are so many arbitrary rules about it that I've had to fill out the form twice already, because I used the wrong type of black pen. Hate rules.

I lined up next week's Bloggers + Cats interview.

I didn't take any photos with my camera, but lots with my iphone, mostly of food. When it gets quiet here, I'm still always posting stuff on Instagram (@lolaisbeauty) and Twitter.

I got obsessed with having Jamaican chicken soup as much as possible as a cold remedy. The lady in the takeaway refers to me as little girl chile, which makes me happy.

I painted my nails the most high maintenance shade of matte navy, which lasts for about two hours before needing to be repaired. Maybe that's why I can't remember anything else much - it's the fumes.

I failed in buying any even slightly decent non-overpriced/tacky flowers around Valentine's day, so I waited until Friday before buying some lovely veronica stems.

I lost my cashmere hat, immediately bought another one because it was -6 degrees c, then found the old one and by the time the new cashmere one arrived from COS it wasn't cold anymore.

I went to my local farmers' market and saw a very English man wearing an Aztec poncho, a lot of couples wearing sunglasses, a stall that only sold different varieties of potato (I like that one,) my friend bought one oyster and ate it 'to go', I bought a white beetroot and some kale and we saw a ferret on a lead being taken for a walk.

I wrote list upon list and added items to rollover lists that I'd been unable to tick off and felt very bad about it.


Nancy Baric *negfilm said...

i suspect once spring is upon all shall wake from this slumber...
you may have neglected your blog but your humour reigns supreme as ever!

Rose said...

This all sounds good (except the Kate Middleton thing, too much everything and scary brows= not cool).

I need to get one of those fabric rollers (please fell free to recommend one).

lola is beauty said...

Nancy - thank you!

Rose - seriously I got the cheapest one on Amazon, it was about £4 - because I couldn't believe it would work! I don't think they have my one anymore but just search "fabric shaver" on Amazon - they're like battery operated electric razors with a compartment for the bobbles...

Jennifer said...

I had a training session for something voluntary I'm going to do, which is simultaneously very exciting and terrifying.

2012 orientation?

charlotte said...

yes! the fabric shaver thingy is a wonder.
still cracking up about your make-up hostage experience!

Hila said...

Don't you worry, we all need a break from the blog sometimes!

lola is beauty said...

Jennifer - no!

Charlotte - I love that thing! It's so flimsy, it'll probably break within a week. And I'll buy a replacement.

Hila - thank you - yeah actually I've never officially "taken a break" - maybe I should've just done that!