Friday, February 24, 2012


Go here and read this, written by her. Below, some highlights: 

'Glamour is constructed, elegance is acquired, and charm is innate.'

'I no longer cultivate friendships that would be based on anything other than my simple, straightforward and honest desire to get to know the other person better.'

'Simplicity, in all things, is worth the pursuit.' 

'It’s no honor being the best-dressed person, either; it’s a sign to find a more beautiful room.' 

'....I’d rather have one decent dress that I washed every night in the sink than wear polyester.'

'Elegance is forgiveness, in the most comprehensive sense of the term, and the understanding that everyone would like to minimize the anguish that is a natural part of life, even if they don’t necessarily know how or where to begin. There is today, and now.'

Thank god she's coming to London soon. 


Catherine said...

Thanks for pointing in the direction of this, a good read! Luxury and elegance should be put in perspective, they are definitely not dependant upon financial outlay, material acquisitions and so on. That said, I am quite envious of her desk and stationary...

jessica sandoval said...

Ooooh love the quote on choosing friends-- that was such a great article! There were so many good points. I think a lot of people confuse elegance with how richly dressed someone looks or what it is they buy. Without obnoxiously stating the cliche'd "Emagawd the olden times were S3W much better", the definition of being elegant from a while ago has been distorted into something else by a lot of people.

Ugh such an eloquent article, I loved it.

Jessica | Vixenelle

E. said...

Thank you for sharing this! I love it!

x E.