Tuesday, April 17, 2012



I am very regretfully selling these Persol 0649 sunglasses - which I LOVE with their Marcello Mastroianni connotations and general extreme coolness factor - because they do not fit my stupid face! My cheeks (stupid cheeks) stick out so the bottom of the frames stick on them. Annoying.

I thought I'd offer them up for sale here before anywhere else.

The colour is Havana (24/51). Frame size small (49). Will be sent with the original case and cleaning cloth.

I paid €140 for them in Paris and have only worn them a couple of times - selling for £80 GBP. Free shipping within Europe. (If you're outside Europe please comment with your location so I can work out your shipping cost.)

Leave a comment if you're interested or email me at: lolaisbeauty at hotmail dotcodot uk.
Paypal only please!


Anonymous said...

No, not stupid cheeks. Lovely prominent cheekbones I would say.

Joana said...

So sorry you have to sell these beauties. I'd buy them myself if I weren't totally broke at the mo.

xo Joana

lola is beauty said...

Mia - haha - I'll take it. xx

JP said...

I'm in NYC. New to your blog (love it) and interested in these beauts,

lola is beauty said...

JP - excellent. Can you email me so I have an email address to send a Paypal invoice to? I'll be able to charge you exact shipping but don't imagine it will be more than £10.

lolaisbeauty AT hotmail DOTCODOT uk


lola is beauty said...