Wednesday, May 23, 2012


I'm still struggling to get out of the Mexico frame of mind, and I'd really rather be downing strawberry daiquiris and pelican watching - but since I got back I've been super busy. I really hate it when people say that, so you know I'd only make that excuse if it was really, really true.

Then last weekend was my dad's 70th birthday party for family down on the south coast. It was an epic event that went on for four days. I made vats of guacamole and salsa, arranged armfuls of flowers, wrangled with solar powered outdoor lighting and of course, decorated the house with old photos of my dad and like a good girl, made one of those collages out of embarrassing/amusing photos of him. While I was looking through photos I found some I'd never seen before and I love this one:
My dad and a donkey, name unknown. Circa 1959

Granny Dragon!!! More bowl cuts on me and two of my cousins. Guess who's wearing the red shoes?

This cracks me up even though it's blurry. Me and my cousin G not enjoying a funfair in Wales very much.


Bardotty said...

Love looking at old photos. Moving and sweet.

Good luck getting out of the Mexico frame of mind, it's been years and I'm still not out of it :)

Anonymous said...

what a lovely set of pictures! great to see Granny Dragon, she does look like she has a forceful personality... and that donkey picture is just brilliant, I do have a photo with donkeys that I have to show you! Donkeys are fantastic animals, I'd love to keep one on my terrace.
My best wishes to your dad!

Bombay Beauty said...

1. Great hair -- really, encapsulates the period wonderfully.

2. I'm with Mia. Great pic with the donkey. They are fantastic creates to photograph. Second in my esteem only to camels.



Anonymous said...

Your blog is wonderful