Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Since we last spoke I have seen such beauty. The day after my last post I headed away from August's blue moon and straight towards the sun and the mountains. My ports of refuge and regeneration would usually be the sea or Paris, but spending a few days on the edge of a mountain turned out to be just what I needed - a place I will never forget. One morning I woke up to watch the sun rise from the terrace outside my corner room, which had the most incredible double aspect views of the mountains and of a ruined castle at the top. We were so high up that I kept having nosebleeds but I really didn't mind. That morning all I could hear was the wind, goat bells and some farm dogs barking. 

I got home last Friday and the surroundings of beauty continued - with a weekend spent at the Serpentine Lido (it's now closed for winter) and a roadtrip to the Norfolk coast yesterday. More to come, about it all.

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