Wednesday, October 31, 2012


So this is Canova's Temple in Possagno. It's rather imposing, a bit like Rome's Pantheon being plonked in the countryside next to a little town. I only poked my head inside and it seemed to be used as the local church? I also saw a regular parade of pensioners pulling up to the bottom of the steps in beaten up Fiat Pandas, then carrying large boxes inside. Hopefully they contained props for a harvest festival and not something more sinister, as obviously old people in Fiat Pandas arriving at temples immediately strike me as being up to no good. 

What is up with my photo alignment lately? I have no idea either.

 I took every photo on this trip on my iphone using the VSCO Cam app and some with Instagram, which keeps crashing on me as I'm taking a photo so I don't trust it anymore. VSCO never crashes, I actually love it quite a lot. Way more subtle than Instagram. Maybe my eyeballs have been deadened by years of internet usage, but those pictures taken on VSCO seem like they're not bad quality at all. I don't feel bad posting them here, as if I've been too lazy to take 'proper' photos. Last time I went to Venice, I broke my beloved Canon A-E1, and I wanted to see if I could manage a trip using just my phone.
Here are the prosecco vines at Frozza's vineyard in Vidor. It was such a lovely place. Little dogs run out to greet you as you arrive (one very friendly puppy, one not so friendly door guarding dog.) We had a tasting with the owner, his daughter was running about with the dogs, there was a little vegetable patch just to the left of this picture and a pristine barn housing the tanks full of prosecco, not more than ten tanks. Dream life. We (well, not me) bought two cases of prosecco, one medium, one brut. I didn't like the brut at first but grew to like it and we basically drank most of the cases while I was in Venice...

Talking of Venice, someone said to me the other day that although I was in Venice, my photos don't look like Venice. I supposed because I've been going there frequently for so many years (15?) I don't think photos of bridges and canals would be that interesting... everyone knows what Venice looks like, right? Magical, amazing, but sometimes hard to take a picture that doesn't look like a postcard in a souvenir shop. I guess I'm more likely to take pictures of stuff that is new to me on trips to the mainland. But then maybe that's silly, I will make more of an effort to take Venice pictures with new eyes in future. To end, here are a couple of pictures of my view from the vaporetto late on a Sunday afternoon in the lagoon. Not very much like taking the tube.

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