Saturday, March 30, 2013


My heart sank as I realised I'd drawn the short straw and got the Eurostar carriage filled with teenage French schoolchildren. But all was well - they were curiously subdued. Once in Paris I couldn't resist the flowers - €12 for FIFTY anemones (at the Red Kids market). I could never buy fifty anemones for myself, but would be very happy if someone else did.

K and I split a rotisserie chicken, M and I went to Aux Deux Amis for wine, cheese and charcuterie; she remarking on its remarkable tardis like quality in retaining people. Sunday brunch at Tuck Shop with M and A was lovely.

I stayed at X and J's quiet, calm place and slept amazingly well there. I met L at Chez Jeanette for an apero, R made me a surprise birthday cake with trick candles, we *think* we saw her neighbour KL walking his dog, then we went to Le Mary Celeste with A and I undid all my good resting/sleeping work by having fun drinking too much wine and crashing out on a sofa fully clothed at 4.30am.

On Monday, hungover, I met sweets R and C at Ten Belles to talk toxins. As I left to head towards the Gare du Nord, the sun shone straight down the rue de la Grange aux Belles, illuminating everything.

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Marion said...

Loved this A M X J C R post !
No idea about sofa crashing, bravo !

Come back !