Tuesday, April 09, 2013


If you've never spent any time with me in real life, you might not know that I'm not a jeans girl, or a trainers girl for that matter. In fact, we can rule out any kind of sportswear. This leaves me in the pleasurable position of being able to bypass trends in these things. Nike Air Max? Um, ok - go for it other people! Not me. I've got one rotting pair of Converse which I drag out if I need to do something like go for a country walk if it's not a wellies kind of day.

Until about ten years ago, jeans suited me - and then about the time they got skinny, they got uncomfortable. I would occasionally buy a pair, actually quite a lot of pairs, only for them to sag and for their low waistbands to cut into me. My kidneys got cold because there was always that gap at the back when I sat down. I stopped wearing them.

I kept meaning to try some jeans on at Acne - oh for about five years. I kept putting it off because they all looked very skinny and I was never in the mood to subject myself to both discomfort and inevitable humiliation, when I couldn't get them on and had to go up and up in sizes until they fitted on the legs but there was a huge gap at the top - which is what inevitably happens when I try on jeans. But the other day I had half an hour to kill and was feeling gung ho. I had had this picture of Jessica de Ruiter by Garance Dore in my mind for a while:

Acne Needles: high waisted, narrow, not quite skinny, washed black, stretchy and as it turns out really, really comfortable. I tried on every style of jeans at Acne and I just kept coming back to these because they were so comfy and the colour is uniform all over, which is most important to me. And they make your legs look really long. Now I have jeans. I don't quite look exactly like Jessica here, what with looking nothing like her, but that's something to aim for and I'm pretty pleased to have joined modern society in the wearing of jeans. I have no idea really if high waisted or mid waisted or boyfriend or what is what I'm supposed to be wearing and don't really care. I wear these. So all this to say that I have finally *discovered* Acne jeans.

{Photo: Garance Dore}


RD said...

i discovered something similar. i wandered into acne in stockholm, never having heard of them, but now they are one of my two favorite pairs of jeans. the other favourite, not accidentally, is also swedish. i've often wondered why. my best expanation is that the swedish are born tall and lanky (which clearly i am not), but then they drink too much and get some extra substance around the waist (which begins to sound more likely me...) xx

Claire said...

RD - This is interesting, as I perceive you as also someone who is not a jeans person! Perhaps this is the secret of Acne's huge success?

Camille said...

Thank you for sharing this, Claire! I only wear high-waisted pants, and finding jeans (or any pair of pants for that matter) that fit my hip-waist difference is very difficult. Right now, I'm wearing some Cheap Monday flares I modified into cigarette jeans, not that I like them that much but because the waist fits for once (which never happens). I'll certainly go and try the Needles when I'll have to replace them.

daniel padaplin said...

For me jeans is much more comfortable than any dress out there. I admin that I am a jeans person, I love them. I can do everything I want wearing them.


Alexandra said...

I hate that cold Kidney feeling! My life has changed since I discovered Acne Jeans and I now a totoal jeans person. My favourites are the Needle style. I also have a pair of flares which are super flattering.