Monday, August 04, 2014


I promised to take some photos of roses for my Venetian friend, who was lamenting that Venice is so *scorchio in summer, that the roses get scorched before they have a chance. London's roses have been outstanding this year; since May they've been tumbling over walls everywhere or reaching for the sky. To get a good hit of every type of rose, the best place I know is the rose garden at Greenwich Park. (They also have hydrangeas, my other fave.) It's also a pretty wonderful place to go and reflect, ponder, sit on a bench inhaling the heady perfume and that type of thing.

However, this year we've had such *scorchio temperatures ourselves that the roses are almost over there. Apparently they should be just coming into bloom now, but were out at the beginning of June and now think it's nearly winter, which apparently is a very bad sign.  For the roses, for the world, I don't know - the gardener who told me this didn't specify.

{SCORCHIO! Never gets old.}


Anonymous said...

thank you dear Chiaretta! Actually this year it's a bit less scorchio
over here, but just a couple of hours of august sun are enough for my delicate David Austin roses to go fzzzzzz... (tentative onomatopoeia for sizzling)

Camille said...

The roses are glorious indeed! I was recently watching a program on the gardens of France where one of the gardeners explained the technique to smell a rose better (because yes, there is a technique). Apparently, you're supposed to shake the rose gently to make it feel like it's under attack so it will release its perfume as a defense method - then smell it!

TheGirl09 said...

Love the photography, the colours all together look gorgeous <3