Friday, December 23, 2005


Her Royal Highness Princess Lola wishes all her loyal subjects a Merry Christmas and a healthful and happy 2006.

To those who risked their fingers and dignity in the service of biccie dispensation when Princess Lola's personal maid was unavailable, (usually in rehab) a medal for services above and beyond the call of duty will be bestowed upon those persons postehaste upon completion of the chainmail mittens currently being fashioned by elves in Lapland.



Leila Rousseau said...

I absolutely loved stumbling on this blog, I'm a fan of cats and travelling and Paris!!

Check out my blog too.. its 5 short stories..

I'm going to go thru this one more thoroughly soon, I just loved this one with Princess Lola!!!!


Lola Is Beauty said...

hey that's weird that you landed on this post. It's 3 years old! I have a few grey hairs and Lola has lost weight and oh - you've got about 400 more posts to get through!