Friday, December 23, 2005


You, my dear readers, will no doubt have etched indelibly upon your minds my post of September 9th (Bonjour Paris) in which I recorded my vain attempts to locate one particular Vanessa Bruno dress. Having accepted begrudgingly that it was not destined to be mine - imagine my surprise when I chanced upon a brand new shiny Vanessa Bruno shop in rue Vieille du Temple. I popped in and there she was, in my size - a French 36 (Jesus, I fit into a size usually reserved for anorexic Gauloise smoking caffeine addicted Parisiennes. Although, ahem, I must say it is a little tight around the bust. Ha!)

* Obviously this amateur snapshot does not do the dress justice. Just be patient!

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eurobrat said...

Oh, that is wonderful!