Wednesday, February 01, 2006


6 months ago I was aware of the term 'blog' but didn't know what it meant until, as always curious I typed in 'fashion, blog, Paris' to Google and up popped La Coquette. With a good dose of eyestrain from discovering this and so many other great blogs - of course I had to read all the archives, I was officially an addict and absolutely needed to have one of my own.

About a month later I found myself having a coffee with the lovely Mademoiselle La Coquette herself in Paris during fashion week and discussing Bloglines, Sitemeter and blogrolls. Funny how things take hold of you and before you know it you, (the one that thinks computers are boring) are a blogger!
Now I can't imagine not reading my favourite blogs, and feel quite worried of one of my regulars in Brooklyn or Paris or some other far flung destination doesn't post for a few days.

All this to say that this burgeoning community has added another dimension to my life. It's growing, expanding, transforming and becoming ever more creative.

Today I realised that the reason I am resisting swapping my dial up for wi-fi is because then the transformation in me will be complete. No longer will I only be able to log on in the evenings, careful not to spend too much time online.

I will take up residence at my computer: blanket, snacks, liquid refreshment and eyedrops to hand. Days and weeks will pass while I live in Blogdom, my skin will become sallow from lack of light - perhaps I'll install a sunlamp to counteract this. Lola's feeding tray will be moved within arms reach and I'm sure I could install a commode nearby.

I find new blogs I love all the time but the one that started it all for me was La Coquette. So vote for her today at the Bloggies!

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Anonymous said...

Ah yes, the charm of Mlle Coquette . . resistance is futile!

Hey. So glad you have joined the tribe--