Tuesday, February 07, 2006


My cold and I went on our first outing today. We'd spent the weekend huddled up together under a mountain of soggy tissues drinking hot toddies with Lola by our side. Cosy as this was I felt we had got to a place where we could be seen in polite society and be accepted, you know, not make a scene.
Besides I was craving a bit of human company, and since NO ONE BROUGHT ME ANY CAKE (see part 1) I decided we would go to Royal Teas where it's cosy and they make cake just like mamma used to make.

I attempted to normalise my appearance before going out.

Stripy flannel pyjamas and bedsocks swapped for low key day time apparel: check
Blusher on cheek apples to give impression of glowing health: check
Elizabeth Arden eight hour cream dabbed around flaky red nostrils: check
Furry scarf wrapped around throat: check
Carmex lip balm on flaky chapped lips: check

Everything was fine until...

Packet of emergency tissues for when explosive sneezing attack occurs spraying anyone in a 2 metre radius with mucus: oops, I knew I forgot something.


Bombay Beauty said...

I know the feeling - it's a moments like these when my hyperactive imagination kicks in. Suppose I stop breathing in my sleep? They will find me in my bed a week later (since indeed no one bothered to bring me cake...) Or even worse (if it's possible) I imagine that I might slowly dehydrate, the worst possible death. Cheerful thoughts for a Tuesday. Well if you're reading this, you're not dead, and doing AOK.



Anonymous said...

... or what about those bad dreams where you imagine you actually wake up, thus feeling much relief, and instead you find yourself into a weirder and scarier one?
Last night I was dreaming that my pc had a nasty virus, then I woke up (or so I thought) and ran to check my lovely new laptop, only to find that the virus was actually there and had destroyed all my files! But then again, it was just another dream.
Maybe the fact that I had taken a massive dose of anitibiotics explains something.
much love to lovely lola and to the marvellous bombay beauty from an italian friend xxx