Saturday, April 01, 2006


Since my alcohol sozzled brain is having some diffculty composing sentences today, I give you some lists:

1. The L.I.B Hangover Damage Limitation Kit

Take a multivitamin before going to bed - that is, your own bed

Sleep and water - lots

A pot of Mariage Freres French Blue Earl Grey tea

A big bowl of Pertwood Farm fruit and seed muesli with yoghurt, fresh blueberries and maple syrup. Scrambled eggs with tabasco works a treat too

Fresh Rose Face Mask applied whilst wallowing in:

A hot bath with 10 drops lavender oil added

A good squirt of Bois Farine by L'Artisan Parfumeur to perfume away the shame

Bed bound blog reading so I can't think about the shame

*I would love to hear if amyone has any good tips to take the edge off a hangover.
(Ugh, please don't say 'hair of the dog')

2. How I know spring is finally sprung

I had the first (and second, third and fourth - agh) Campari and soda of the year

The cherry trees that line my street are all in blossom, 6 weeks later than usual

I sat out on my terrace for the first time since last September

When I got home at 6 this morning I heard the birds' dawn chorus

I believe the wearing of socks may not be necessary today


Julia said...

That's a great hangover cure list - less elegant but definitely sure-fire is eating the greasiest thing you can get your mits on. A burger is best.

Bombay Beauty said...

Listen to a man on this one. I think Julia is half right. You must eat some good grease-soaking food before sleeping. The grease-soaking properties of pizza and burgers have, I'm sure, been scientifically proven in the Lancet or some such place. If you miss this step, then you're pretty much done for the next day. All you can do is rehydrate, take plenty of painkillers (not acetaminophen, since this is also metabolized through the liver and will slow down the hangover cure, but acetylsalicylic acid and ibuprofen work well), and wait for the effect to wear off. Pretty grim, I know. But, wait, it gets worse. The length of time it takes to wear off is positively related to your age:

22: 1 hour (ready to go after a long shower)
25: 2 hours (ready to go again after a good breakfast)
27: 4 hours (ready to go again by lunch).
30: 6 hours (not ready to go again till the afternoon)
35: 8 hours: not really ready to go again until the evening.

Dr. BB

Anonymous said...

Dear Lola, Dr BB is right.
We appreciated his healthy habit of sharing a "late night slice" (of pizza, of course) with his fellow drinkers before going to bed after a late night out.
Not good for cellulite, but you can't have everything...

eurobrat said...

Hmmm. I only just reached drinking age, so I'm not yet thoroughly experienced with matters in the hangover department, but L.I.B., that is the most luxurious list I've come across recently! Must try it when sober.