Tuesday, May 16, 2006


I love you. Where else could I go to escape the rain with the intention of possibly finding a cobalt blue t-shirt and instead stumble upon:

2 pairs of trousers (one pair khaki, one pair blue) that bear an uncanny resemblance to these lovely Hollywood pants (pictured) by Kristinit. (Though I'm sure with the requisite amount of details changed for legal purposes.) I don't mind that I had to try 5 pairs of the same style to find the right fit, or that a size 10 came up smaller than a size 8. It just makes me go 'tsk' as one would at the antics of a lovable yet errant child you don't have to see very often.

How could I not love you for making a perfect cardi in cream with a red trim that somehow reminds me of war issue blankets.
I almost discarded it when I looked at the £9.99 price tag.
I thought it must be acrylic but no you teaser, it's 45% linen, 55% cotton. How do you do that for £9.99?

Now I am unsuccessfully trying to erase the words 'Made in China' and dreadful visions of just how they keep those prices down from my consciousness.

This post seems to have done a 180 on me.

How to reconcile the feeling that you want to support small designers with the reality that you can buy 2 pairs of trousers for under £50 or the almost identical ones they were 'inspired' by for $210 plus postage?

Here's a link to Treehugger to help us on our way.
** And to this if you happen to be anywhere near Brooklyn this weekend.

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lottie said...

I had a similar crise in Primark the other day as I watched women fight over yellow shoes... Had to repeat in my head 'it is ok, I recycle my garden waste and tried to make compost, I tried to make compost so shopping in Primark is ok...'