Thursday, May 18, 2006


Out and about in Soho and after a few Camparis I felt sufficiently brave to attempt to train my lens on a few This week... victims, I mean subjects.

I thought this guy looked pretty dapper standing outside
The French House.

His response to my request to photograph him baffled me slightly.

"I don't much care either way."

Er, ok so does that mean yes or no?

He begrudgingly agreed.

It was only later that I thought - he looks kind of familiar.
It would explain why he wasn't surprised when I asked for his pic.
But unfortunately I have no idea who he is! I'm usually pretty good at recognising even the most obscure faces (years of magazine addiction).
The French House is a bit of a thespian hang out, but despite much brain wracking no one can tell me who he is. Actor? '80s popstar?

Any guesses?


Julia said...

Oh, he's ah, that guy, you that movie...tip of my tongue! Ah!

Cool photo though!

Lola is Beauty said...

agggghhh! *tearing hair out* about five years I'll be watching Raiders of the Lost Ark or Star Wars or something and go...that's him! Third baddie from the left!

Anonymous said...

to me the guy looks like a cross between Billy Bob Thornton and Michael Stipe... with a very stylish hat.

cosmicopia said...

you biatch thats my latest squeeze!..oh no..its billy bob thornton...or maybe its paris hilton dressed as a man??