Thursday, May 18, 2006


The Apartment Therapy 2nd annual smallest, coolest apartment contest is over.

Shauna's More Dash Than Cash didn't win. How could this be?

Personally I rate originality, wit and style on a shoestring above the hyper organised, super designed spaces that won. Pah!

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Julia said...

Don't let me look at that site - I'll be glued to it all day. OK, I had a sneak peak. I agree, Shauna's has personality, the winner has style but no soul.

lottie said...

I agree - I'm in love with those green chairs. I thought the winner was rather sterile and Schrager-esque.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you, baby!


Paola said...

Yep, Shauna's by far the best. And yes, the green chairs are to die for.

David and Im's would drive me nuts - particularly the depressing bedroom. How is it possible to live in a world without colour? And how does anyone cook in any of those kitchens?

But thanks for the great link (haven't looked at AT in some time) - loving the idea of Pop Idol for flats.