Friday, May 26, 2006


I'm so relieved that the second issue of Leith Clark's Lula magazine is just as good as the first. It must be such a labour of love to put something like that together, I thought they might run out of steam.

cover photo: Damon Heath
Styling: Leith Clark

It's not just a fashion magazine though. There are heroes and icons - William Eggleston, Dolly Parton, Patricia Arquette talking about her role as Alabama in True Romance. Superstylist Arianne Phillips on recreating June Carter Cash's style in Walk the Line. Stills from Wendybird, the Erin Fetherston/Ellen von Unwerth/Kirsten Dunst collaboration.

Lula has all the girl crushes du jour you could wish for.
An interview with Jenny Lewis, (I like how they used the title of one of her songs 'You are what you love' as the title of an editorial) Valentine Fillol-Cordier on the cover and with 70's movie star hair inside.

It is packed full of juicy, gorgeous, dreamy fashion editorials, and hardly any adverts which is amazing for such a big glossy (hate to say the word but) directional magazine that only costs £4.99.

Photo: Danielle Atkins
Styling: Leith Clark

Photo: Viki Forshee
Styling: Kusum Lynn

Trapeze artist/cabaret ringleader Sarah Sophie Flicker of The Citizens Band is photographed by Stacey Mark. She might just be my new girl crush.

Photographer: Stacey Mark
Styling Aya T. Kanai


Anonymous said...

Enchanting magazine. Beautiful photography. Stunning fashion. But why can't they SPELL??? Eavesdrop has an A; Altman has an L; Ann Rand should be Ayn Rand; and psychedelic is spelled this way... They should be rather embarrassed on this front.

Lola is Beauty said...

I'm usually a spelling Nazi as well but I have to say in Lula I didn't notice. I suppose I was dazzled by all the pretty pictures...Try reading Grazia magazine for some real humdingers - Herb Ritz (Ritts) was the one that almost prompted me to write a letter of complaint!

Heather Moore said...

Go on, complain! I once won a CK watch that way.