Monday, May 29, 2006


All this Marie-Antoinette hoo ha has sent me off on a bit of a Sofia Coppola-thon. The rumoured secret flashes of pink Converse shod feet in 18th century costume. Could the film really have got booed that much at Cannes if even Sofia didn't notice? Is Sofia pregnant by that guy from Phoenix whose 'Everything' song I can't get out of my head? Was the Rochas gown Kirsten wore to the premiere really so unflattering? Maybe it was just her dodgy hairstyle?

Maybe there are more important things to be pondering? I hope the film will still be on at the cinema when I go to Paris in a couple of weeks.

For reasons I cannot recall I didn't buy the December 2004 French Vogue which Sofia Coppola guest edited. Since then I've searched high and low for a copy with no success. Until some kind soul posted all the relevant scans in large format here. Apart from the collagey pages there is a fashion editorial with Sofia shot by Inez and Vinoodh and styled by Emanuelle Alt.
Thank you sheepman89 whoever you are...

I had also never seen Sofia's first short film Lick the Star and now I have because it's here. (in two parts)

For those of us lucky
enough to be off to Paris soon
(I know there's at least
two of you out there)
I came accross
Sofia's guide to Paris from ElleGirl.(click the
link and scroll down to see it
big enough to read.)

Although I think she's witholding as that could be my or anyone's list of favourite places - Mariage Freres, Cafe de Flore, Laduree, The Pompidou Centre, The Luxembourg Gardens, The Musee D'Orsay, By Terry make up, A.P.C.

Well, no surprises anyway. Then again, would you really want to divulge all your top tips and have a load of Ellegirl readers turning up to stalk you?

I found the Vogue scans and the ElleGirl one through I heart Sofia.

*EDIT: I knew that Givenchy dress was hiding something.


eurobrat said...

I don't find Sofia Coppola as intriguing as a lot of people seem to, but she is definitely a talented director.

I am looking forward to seeing Marie Antoinette too. It looks like a costume orgy of taffeta, brocade and lace. And Converses?

lottie said...

I'm forever in love with her tunic for Lutz & Patmos...

Julia said...

Ditto lottie.

I like Sophia, although I'm one of the few who feel anti-climaxed by her films. I think it would be fun to see Marie Antoinette in Paris though!

Thanks for the links; as excited as I get with these city guides from personalities I like, it's true that it's best if they don't give too much away!

When will you be in Paris?

fin said...

Her cares about her clothes? I love her movies...

Moi said...

Hi I love your site! I am very Sofia obssessed too at the moment. I've seen Marie-Antoinette twice already once in english and once in French.. I think I liked the French-dubbed version better!