Thursday, June 15, 2006


Oh my god, this reads like a round robin newsletter...

I've been a bit light on the posting lately, I know. I have no excuse really. I don't seem to have much to rant about these days. Have I mellowed, surely not? I am going to Paris tomorrow and I think I'm going to take my clunky old laptop along so I can do a bit of posting.

The French lessons, ahem, are not going very well. I am on the advanced CDs now, which is hilarious since I can only speak about clothes, food or alcohol. I ask you, Michel Thomas, how am I supposed to trust you to teach me French when you say things in English like " It gives me much excitement to be assisting you the learning of French" or "if you don't know if it's masculine or feminine just say l' and run it into the word."

Paris will have to cope with my Franglais.

I can't wait to have a good look at Lovisa Burfitt's entire collection, and also to visit Martin Grant's showroom (the word 'sale' has been mentioned).
These two are the designers whose clothes I swoon over the most at the moment.
Martin Grant is just a hop and a skip accross the street from where I'm staying, which is dangerous. Basically I might as well throw my credit card out of the window of the apartment for it to land in A.P.C, Erotokritos, Vanessa Bruno or any number of new boutiques that have no doubt sprung up in the 2 months since I was last there.
What's a girl to do, walk around with blinkers on? Erotokritos will be the hardest to resist, since I have to walk past their shop every single time I leave the apartment.

I will miss little Lola who, ever since I suspected her of having wildcat genes, seems to have been waging a concentrated campaign to assure me of her adorable cuteness. She trundles along beside me, purring, sleeps snuggled up at my side and her only vocalising consists of a new miaow which sounds like "mam-ma". My only question is: WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH HER? She is like the kitten she never was. I hope she wont revert to type while I'm gone. My fabulous cat loving neighbour is feeding her, so she's in safe hands. I just hope Lola doesn't freak out that I've abandoned her (only for a week, little one!) and bite them off.

In other news: the dry cleaning saga has finally been put to rest. What we learn from this episode is: NEVER CROSS ME - ESPECIALLY WHEN IT COMES TO ACCESSORIES. *Cackles wildly*...With a little help from lovely Marni friends and a couple of strongly worded letters (I am too, too good at writing those) I got a chickety cheque yesterday. Expect numerous posts about which new bag I should buy as a replacement, until you cannot take any more, then plenty of gratuitous close ups of new bag.

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Bombay Beauty said...

Enjoy your time in Paris! Will look forward to some stylish posts... Since we're tying up loose ends, you should know that I got rid of that pair of shoes that hurt my feet and replaced them with two pair at a fine sale yesterday at Fratelli Rossetti. That is what you advised isn't it? WWLD? I kept asking myself. It was the magic mantra that got me through the difficult moment when I realized that 50% of a very big number is still a pretty big number.