Friday, June 16, 2006


I seem to have a lot of red in my life. If
you asked me I would say that I don't like
red. I never wear it except for accents of
cherry or burgundy. But there you go, my
photos are full of red - I must be
drawn to it. This week has been swings and
roundabouts, I don't know what a life like a
bowl of cherries would look like -
if it's bittersweet, like a cherry that hasn't been left to ripen in the sun for long enough, I could get that.

Later on today when I arrive in Paris I will go and buy some cherries, just to compare.


lottie said...

Love the cherry snap. I bet Paris in the sunshine will be a great tonic - enjoy.

eurobrat said...

"Later on today when I arrive in Paris"

Sigh. jealous!

Have a wonderful time.