Monday, July 10, 2006


Oops, I didn't mention anything about Couture week.

Well it's not as if Kaiser Karl flew over to my place on his private jet and personally delivered an invitation to Chanel with a flourish of his begloved, beringed hand is it? If I ever actually got to attend the Chanel couture show I think I would just call that the pinnacle of my achievments and spend the rest of my life lolling around eating marshmallows.

And I'm sure you're just as capable as I am of logging on to So belatedly, all I have to say is that I'm only really interested in Anne-Valerie Hash, but I can't understand who actually buys her clothes because they're obviously made only for me. Yes, just me. And other people like me who couldn't possibly afford them. I find what she's doing really interesting but there's no Anne-Valerie Hash perfume to promote as far as I know, or Hollywood starlets to dress. So who are the clothes for?

Which leads me to Chanel. Very pleasing, although everything looked like it was designed with Lindsay Lohan in mind. But really - so youthful. The shoulder gap thingies (not advisable for the average couture customer - underarm skin folds) and the three quarter length sleeves with the long denim gloves. The whole dress over long denim boots thing. The entire collection is so wearable (and desirable) if you're young, thin and rich. Is Karl banishing age now? Is his next transformation going to be somehow reversing his own age by adhering to a diet of human placenta and beluga caviar? Will he achieve the skin of a child and thick black luscious hair? Isn't it enough to just be thin and rich?
Didn't Kylie look the epitome of loveliness though?

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eurobrat said...

Haha, I am in full agreement with your post.

Kylie looked fab. I'm not sure about the dog though... I love dogs, but they seem out of place at fashion shows. Even if they do sport Chanel collars and leads.

Elsa said...

I love AV Hash as well! You obviously have great taste. One day--one day we'll have the resources right? ;)