Thursday, September 14, 2006


I do believe this is the bestest thing ever.

p.s. Turn your speakers down if you're skiving at work!
via Amy Ruppel

And check out The Sartorialist's sterling snapping of fashion folk at N.Y fashion week over on


Bombay Beauty said...

I've always had the feeling that I should have a pair of skinny-legged jeans. Now I am positive.

I've always had the feeling that I might have some talents hidden away somewhere. Now I am positive that I must keep on looking, because in these wonderful days of YouTube one can have a highly derivative yet quite captivating talent. Some thoughts I am working on:

- Typing away (with swirling arm gestures) at a keyboard.
- "Cooking" - spraying ingredients around whilst pretending to cook with music in the background.
- Pretending to drive behind the wheel of a car -- the camera jolts back and forth when I turn the wheel -- a bit like the old Star Trek.

Cheers, on a glorious Sunday am in NY.


Lola is Beauty said...

I would love to see you typing with swirling arm gestures!