Thursday, September 14, 2006


Oh mah sweet Lawd. I didn't think it could get any better than the Balenciaga exhibition I saw in Paris. I still haven't really got my head around the sheer amount of pristine condition, carefully archived pieces that were on display there. My favourite bit, apart from gossiping with E, was the video screens where they showed different eras of Balenciaga alongside each other. I was transfixed by the backstage footage - from the late 50's I think, where people were calmly sitting on actual chairs, models were wandering around sedately and Mr Balenciaga was taking his time over last minute adjustments. I half expected to see a butler come round with a tray of cucumber sandwiches and a pot of tea. I was born in the wrong era. So civilised!

But NOW Christie's is having a 20th Century Fashion and Accessories Sale here in London - which you can spend dreamy, starry eyed hours browsing here. There are 421 lots in all. I am quite taken with the Balenciaga mole fur lined jacket (Lot 243). It's so "Audrey relaxing during a break from filming when she was married to that Italian doctor bloke even though it's not by Givenchy".

There's quite a bit of (palpitating slightly now) impeccable 50's and 60's lots - mostly from bold face Parisian houses (The pics are terrible quality, you have to click on the thumbnails and enlarge to see any kind of detail). Although the actual auction is on the 28th September, it's open to the public between the 23rd and 27th September. Reserve prices are mostly between 300 and 500 British pounds which (ha!) makes it sound quite reasonable, but I wouldn't want to get into a bidding war with Cameron Silver and end up living on the street wearing a black gazar cocktail dress.

I can't wait to go and swoon, only I will have to wear a straightjacket so I can't do anything insane like register to bid.

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oh wow, that sounds amazing.