Monday, January 08, 2007


Well that was a bit of an unexpected blog holiday wasn't it.

No excuse really, only that my attention has been on a couple of other projects.
The year began with no firm plans or resolutions then ping! Somehow I now have four trips away in the next two months or so to look forward to. And not just to Paris, either - although I will be visiting my beloved soon. I will say more when it's all definite but I'm very excited to be getting out and about in the big wide world again.

Ooh, just gotta ease back into this whole writing posts lark slowly.....I feel like I have stabilisers on.
Cake and tea will help.


Bombay Beauty said...

Tea and cake are known to make many situations better, but your words are a timely reminder. I am in need of some restoration (alcohol it seems is only a temporary cure for jet lag, though while it lasts you certainly feel better), and rather than turn to meds, alcohol, or sleep (all of which will only make matters worse on a variety of dimensions), I will turn to tea and one of my carefully hoarded Tunnock's tea cakes.

Cheers (with tea naturally),


Julia said...

Can't wait to read more!

But...what kind of cake is it?

Lola is Beauty said...

Oh wow, carrot cake...mmmm....healer of all ills...obviously macarons would have been preferable...