Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Yesterday I saw a little girl in the supermarket standing in front of a display of plastic sparkly kids jewellery. She was transfixed, had that hungry look on her face, oblivious to anyone or anything else. I must admit I had a look at a sequinned headband myself, but I put it back!

I've been clearing out stuff, mostly clothes, for months now and still I'm taking bin bags to the charity shop at least once a week. I look at some of my possessions and think "is this really mine?" I can't be bothered with the hassle of ebay anymore, it brings me more to be rid of something I don't need or love than waiting for a bit of cash from it. Then the wrapping, the posting, ugh just get it out. I'd rather give it away. Since I visited the Oxfam depot a couple of months ago and saw teams of people sifting through donations, 70% of which were unsuitable to be sold because they were damaged or dirty, I'm also making use of my local textiles recycling bank.

Reading this post over at Keri Smith brings a bit of clarity. There are great links in that post too, although I'm not sure I'd go to the extreme of not buying anything new at all like The Compactors. Used pillowcases? Ick.


Serena said...

It definitely makes for an ambitious goal for the new year. So agree about the pillowcases though. Some things just have to be new.

a. said...

hehe. i cleaned out my old car when i went back to visit my parents for the holidays and found a bunch of gaudy accessories stuffed down in the crevices of the seats and kept thinking "whose are these? b/c they're NOT mine." turns out they were. 8 years ago. lol.