Thursday, April 05, 2007


I just can't keep away. I have taken up residence at the broken chair in the corner of a friend's living room where I can tap away on a keyboard used mostly by friend's teenage brother who is at "that awkward age".

Oui, I am a creature of habit. I like my laptop, set up where it always is (kind of defeats the object) with my cat on one side, a cup of tea on the other and the comfort of home. I could go elsewhere but...........are you asleep yet? Apparently I have been boring everyone to death with my constant internet breakdown ramblings and blow by blow account of my soon to be ex ISP's crappy service. Sorrreeee.

So. What I really wanted to say is that I am old. I went to a gig last night - half the London fashion crowd was there; you couldn't move for people from I.D, Tank and Pop magazines jostling to take pictures of the band. I had my first real life sighting of a Christopher Kane dress and also pondered upon what kind of lifestyle one would have that would lend itself to going out midweek wearing a cat ear alice band, a stretchy lycra op art mini dress and huge Vivienne Westwood platforms. And how one would carry that off whilst still looking gorgeous, comfortable and relaxed.
I also pondered on how easy it is to lose perspective as I suddenly felt like a giant elephant being a UK size 10 amongst a horde of very very skinny, glossy, young and pretty fashionistas.

Sigh. The kids these days. I have passed that point and I am no longer one of them.
I can only observe.


Anonymous said...

C'mon on!!! it is about substance over form. Sure, the young hipsters rock in their own way...but there is a an element of awkwardness that is always hinted at. Know what I mean?....Phoebe Philo and Carine Roitfeld know.

Mrs Fashion said...

Tell me about it.

Anonymous said...

Will it help if I tell you that they are all miserable?

Non? How about if I told you they were illiterate?

Oh well--- I think you looked fab.


La said...

(Mais tu fais tres, tres jeune ma belle, it must be said.)

Iheartfashion said...

Know the feeling! But think of all the wisdom and experience you have on them.

fashionohlala said...

i love your blog. so much fun!

check out mine. i added you as a link!

l'embrouillamini said...

Aww, I too am sans internet, as my laptop went kaboom. Any joy yet? x

Chelsamajiggy said...

Bless you for not moving your laptop.

That's what I do, too.

I feel as if I fit in!
I feel a little less lonesome tonight.
Take that, Elvis.