Tuesday, July 31, 2007


You have copy editors, fact checkers and interns galore, yes? You are paid to produce a magazine which is apparently Britain's No.1 glossy and which retails at £1.80.

I have held my tongue all this time, not wanting to come across as a fact/spelling Nazi. I mean, I'm not so perfect - I don't even use spellcheck when I'm bashing out the ol' blog posts and my grammar is based upon what sounds right.

I do, however, know that the name of the fashion designer you're dropping in Grazia is Isabel Marant, not Isabella Marant.

I also know, as most people with even the vaguest interest in fashion would, that Anna Piaggi is not an Italian fashion designer but has worked for Italian Vogue for many years as creative consultant, creating the Doppie Pagine she is famous for.

Lastly, iconic photographer Herb Ritts did not spell his surname "Ritz" which is how you repeatedly spelled it in a double page spread about an exhibition devoted to him after his death.

All I want from you Grazia, is to be able to eat a Kitkat and drink a cup of tea whilst flicking through your pages - without wanting to circle all the mistakes in red pen and post the torn out pages to you.

That's all. Can you manage that?
Thanks, just needed to get that off my chest.

P.S. Laura Craik and Paul Flynn, this does not include you. You are both geniuses.


Bombay Beauty said...

(1) Kitkat is a marker for civilized (civilised) living.

(2) Celeb designers or celeb anything are simply placeholders. Add an extra dd, tt, ee, zz, it matters not. They are bodies / names that fill a place.

(3) I would kill (especially in the video, bang-bang sense) to get my name mis-spellled in the tabloids. It's all I never wanted but would love to nonchalantly accept.

(4) I am planning a quick stint in rehab to boost my z- celeb quotient.



PS Must admit, I've had a drop too much to drink...

Lola is Beauty said...

now if only you could employ Rachel Zoe to get you some oversized sunnies and a Birkin bag, fall off the table you were dancing on in Vegas, punch out a paparazzo then drive the wrong way down the freeway in possession of some class A's you'll be half way there!

Julia said...

Yet another jinx - just this week I was thinking of starting a pedants-only blog for misspelling in magazines. My culprit was Gourmet Traveller and it (almost) ruins a perfect sipping-tea-and-flicking-through magazines evening.

Except I'd be too lazy to keep the blog going...

Anonymous said...

Irritating, I admit.
I am somewhat accustomed to misspelling in magazines, especially of Italian names. I'd say they get it wrong -unless it's really famous names- about half the times.
But I can't help feeling kind of humiliated... like they can't be bothered.
In fact they can't.

Lola is Beauty said...

Oh, fellow pedants! It's not really though, imagine if you bought anything else you'd paid good money for, apparently produced by "experts" and it had a fault or flaws - you'd take it back. Same thing really, kind of...Herb "Ritz" was the worst. I mean, they're supposed to KNOW...