Friday, September 28, 2007


I think I am going to write a book, purely so that if I tell people I'm a writer and they ask me who/what I write for I can just say, "I'm writing a book." I should be able to stretch that one out for, ooh about six to seven years before people start wondering where the finished tome is. This would be far, far preferable to having to reel off a list of publications and endure the three second mental judgement consisting of whether said person has heard of said publication, (you information junkies would be surprised how ill informed most people are) then how it fares in their mental journalism ranking system and lastly, the shockingly common question of, "How much do they pay you?" Hello? I would never ask anyone that. Have I ever asked you that? In this case, a guide to etiquette might be a better book to read before delving into my imaginary one.

p.s. This is my 302nd post. And you know how I ramble on. Perhaps I could just print them out and bind them?

*J.R. Hartley


Anonymous said...

You know what I say: "I'm developing something now...can't give the details quite yet. You understand?" And then I wink.

works like a charm.

Bombay Beauty said...

I claim I am a writer all the time. It's true of course, but not in the way people expect (An Advanced Guide to Flugelbindery, The A B C's of Flugelbindery being my two most popular titles). I would instead suggest claiming you're an artist. What kind of art? they will ask you next. Life imitates art, that's my thing, you can respond.

Or if you're working at being a "writer" I suggest you pick up some obscure topic. I once spend several weeks pretending to be a Sanskritist. By week two, people began to believe it! That was a dilemma I'll write about some other time.



eurobrat said...

I can't wait to read your future book...

Anonymous said...

Can I help you illustrate your book with my photographs? Pleeease?
PS I am very much upset with Bombay Beauty who never asked me to provide photographs for his flugelbindery guides.

Anonymous said...

You couldn't have said it better. I feel exactly the same way and share the same frustrations...which is also why I feel that most journalists are way better informed than the average doctor, lawyer, investment banker out there.