Thursday, January 31, 2008


Oh! The lovely headmistress has tagged me with the You Make My Day Award. Thank you, we are so honoured (and in pretty good company too). So now I have to choose just ten blogs that make me happy? I think I read about forty blogs a day. Nope, 53. I just counted. Obviously there are my all time faves and you probably know who you are (looking at you bp) - as much a part of my daily routine as making a cup of tea or explaining to Lola the Keyboards Are Not For Walking On principle. But even with all my regular blogchums to catch up with, more blogs still manage to creep in and become part of my daily clickage. So here goes with some that aren't even on my (admittedly, infrequently updated) blogroll yet...

my polaroid blog and becoming a foodie
OK, a two in one as they're both authored by the same person. Jen, a prop stylist takes gorgeous polaroids of her props and sort of makes everything look artful and dreamy. I got into reading her becoming a foodie blog because the stories are so funny and wittily recounted - the ups and downs of trying and sometimes failing to be a foodie; but I still want to try all her recipes.

I always think there'll never be another time when I stumble upon a blog and get all excited, then read through all the archives in one go. But there always is. Interesting images, a stream of inspiration with good doses of "Oh yes, I like that too" and some "Ooh I didn't know about that".

Reading smosch is like a visual journey through a life and makes you want to move to Sweden if every day is creative and filled with meeting Camilla and Morran for fika.

a cup of Jo
I get that parallel lives feeling with Joanna where I'm sure if we lived in the same city we'd be friends, or would be constantly bumping into each other going to the same places/buying the same things without knowing.

design sponge
What can I say, I'm completely addicted to sneak peeks!

maditi likes
Most of my recent flickr/photography loves have been found through maditi.

wiksten made
I will, I will, I will one day own one of Jenny's creations. But it's also really interesting for me, as a lapsed pattern cutting/sewing student to see how someone who's not completely lazy makes things and the process behind it. Jenny would shudder if she knew about my sellotaping/stapling ways with fabric.

I know it's daft and silly; but that's why I love it.

simply breakfast
A crucial part of my morning clickage - I love Jen's photography and this also reminds me to go and eat some breakfast.

Really beautiful, thoughtful writing and pictures but rarely updated (less than once a month usually). The rarity makes it even more of a treat somehow.

So that's 10. I could go on and on...


Joanna Goddard said...

oh, thank you so much! i am so honored to be chosen by you. :) you make my day as well, and i think we would definitely be friends if we lived in the same city! i wish we did!

jen said...

thank you for the beautiful words. it means a great deal to me.

sandra said...

you're so sweet, thank you so much. now you made my day!

jen said...

thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

oh but you must check out: le bouton studio
that woman just seems cool all day!

maditi said...

a great list indeed.
happy to be part of this :)

Julia said...

Oh wow I am now in love with my polaroid blog and becoming a foodie!

BTW Russell Brand on my blog, not sure if you've seen this clip but too, too funny.

jerusha said...

thank you, claire :) this was a wonderful surprise.

Cheri said...

thank you so much! it made my day to discover your site.