Wednesday, July 23, 2008


*Not at all demode, hmm?

*Ringwald speaks! I was/am still obsessed with her costumes in Pretty in Pink but I always hated that ugly prom dress - and so did she...I am perplexed on re-watching P.I.P. by the male characters though: Duckie is pathetic, Blane is spineless and Steff (James Spader) is an obnoxious slimy bastard - but I'm strangely attracted to him.

*Real Pretty in Pink trailer / Clever re-cut alternative trailer.

*p.s. Molly if you're reading this (which I'm sure you definitely are): These vintage Ferragamo boots from Dulcinee remind me of the Ralph Lauren ones you regret not keeping from The Breakfast Club. (p.p.s. you should do more press - I've been thinking you were married to AdRock all these years.)

*WikiLOL. Proof that wikipedia really does have the answer to everything.

*I finally watched this film. I'm so shallow that I can't stop thinking about how nice her wide trousers and sandals were.

{Dulcinee photo: Rinze Van Brug}


Anonymous said...

couldn't agree more with your views about clothes and the males of PIP. and maya deren...has always been an inspiration.

Life with Sofia, Gus and Jim said...

where did you see meshes of the afternoon? I've wanted to see that for ages. Also, a bit a clearly supremely stylish person, I thought you might be able to tell me where in London is a good place for buying decent fashion magazines (i.e not vogue). Many thanks, anna.x

Lola Is Beauty said...

hi anna - a friend of mine downloaded meshes. Found it really easily which was a surprise. You can watch it on google (bad quality) and in bits on youtube though...Re mags: may I direct you to my gridskipper post on this:
but RD Franks (Winsley Street off Oxford Street) and Magma (Earlham Street, Covent Garden) are good places to start...

Bombay Beauty said...

I find the James Spader effect, and James Spader himself, disturbing... BB