Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I feel like this picture. I don't mind the cold, but the lack of light in the flat months of January and February means it's hard for me to get inspired, or in turn to feel inspiring. I want to squirrel away the nuggets of creativity, as though if I share them too soon there won't be enough. They need to incubate before they hatch in the spring.

Now I'm annoyed that before comparing inspiration to a chicken foetus I compared myself to squirrels, those little bastards who stole all the bulbs I planted and ate all the camellia buds.

I hope to start posting more of my own photos to go with my posts again soon. Somewhere along the way this winter I stopped taking my camera out and have hardly taken any pictures. But now I've found the (hilariously illustrated 1970s) operating instructions to my new/old manual camera online and I'll start learning how to use it.

{photo by Rinko Kawauchi, from Aila}


erica said...

i would gladly give you the sunlight here in boston, if you don't mind the -10 windchill temps!

but it's true, you wake up, putter around, make a cup of tea, blink, and suddenly it's dark outside again.

i want to wear sundresses and not have a watermelon attached to my midsection. wah!

Anonymous said...

be the sunshine you want...:0
in the meantime...enjoy this song:


Lola Is Beauty said...

erica: wah! Just think what you'll get when the watermelon er, drops though.

nancy: thanks, very cheering! Weirdly, ages ago I worked on another music video with exactly the same kooky japanese girls having a picnic in the sunshine thing going on - different director though.

Anonymous said...

mmmm...well ariane moffat is a well known qu├ębecoise singer...but maybe the directer...saw the video in question...and did a little " piquer c'est voler "

anyway...i just think it is fun when "manga" manages to get into videos..;)


Lola Is Beauty said...

I was wondering if it was from a well known japanese film that I didn't get the reference from previously - I think it must have been. Probably director No1 wasn't such an original genius after all!

Bombay Beauty said...

Yes, London does have these grey days of winter where it looks like the sun is setting at 10 am.... Oops, I was trying to be encouraging... I recommend mulling some wine. That should do the trick (at least for one evening....) BB

hmstrjam said...

psycho kitty pic!

Blue said...

oh puh-LEASE!

you can walk down the street into some fabulous PUB! you can stroll into galleries, shops and fantastic old libraries-- you have THEATER, for god's sakes!!

who need sunlight with all that?

yours in urban jealousy, bp

Stacy said...

damn squirrels - maybe the miss the sunshine too.