Sunday, January 25, 2009


I thought the Holiday collection was supposed to be the last one from Mayle - but here's Resort, which is new...isn't it? Anyone? I thought Holiday and Resort were the same thing, but Holiday looks like it's on sale at La Garconne and this isn't. Perhaps they separated it into two lots to make saying goodbye a little less painful. Resort, spring, why not just keep going? Please?

Anyway, j'aime beaucoup le Rex pant (above).

*UPDATED TO ADD* Thought so. Mayle isn't quite closing yet - despite announcing the winter Holiday collection would be the last and prompting many skint Mayle fans to purchase a last chance something. I suppose my prayers were answered.


Anonymous said...

oh but they are both nice....(actually le bouton studio.. does some fab pants..)

Tina said...

these outfits are gorgeous, love the relaxed chic look!