Saturday, September 18, 2010


I've been aware of the film Claire's Knee (Le Genou de Claire) for as long as I can remember, but apart from being amused by the name, I had never felt the urge to watch it. Then a few weeks ago someone (who is unlikely to be an Eric Rohmer fan) claimed to be obsessed with my knees - both of them. That was an odd evening. Odder still was last night, when a total stranger managed to stamp on my foot in the exact place I broke it a couple of years ago. Tonight seemed the perfect time to elevate my leg and finally watch Claire's Knee.

Jean-Claude Brialy! With a beard!

Aurora's OTT Italian accent is very distracting if your French isn't up to much.

I've always wanted to go to Lake Annecy.

The dialogue between Jerome and Laura is fantastic.

Jerome only wants Claire (or her knee) because she's totally disinterested in him.

I'm not sure if the actress playing Claire is particularly bland or her character is supposed to be like that and she's a brilliant actress.

The character of Laura is wiser than, and outshines all the others.

I just realised what those perfume ads were based on.


anna said...

I LOVE Claire's Knee. Unfortunately, two things got lost in our move to the Netherlands: our copy of said film and our copy of Cat Power's Moon Pix. Both of these losses are tantamount to disaster on a massive scale for me. I just love how Jerome is such an idiot...he seems to think he can have any woman he wants, but Laura puts him straight. Rohmer's characters are always so flawed but there always seems to be one female at the centre of it all who can really see what's going on. AND about the blonde: she's totally innocuous...the brunettes will always win out for me! Lake Annecy is lovely, but not as lovely as in this film I think...

Madelene said...

My favorite by Rohmer is 'Love in the afternoon'. You should watch it if you haven't.. oh, and, Brialy! How handsome he was.

Luci Ana said...

seems to be reallz beautiful!

Bombay Beauty said...

i feel there is a story waiting to be told here... about the unnamed individual who was obsessed with your knees - you see, he was going one better than the film and taking an in interest in both of them... there's a clever chap! xo bb

Claire * Lola Is Beauty said...

BB - wouldn't it be great if perhaps the knee admirer was making a reference to the film, which would raise him in my estimation by about 200% (100% per knee). Unfortunately since I later found out that he tried the same line on someone else I know the following week, I think it isn't likely. Also, if he was referencing the film - and had seen it - it could be taken as an insult to be thought of as similar to the character in the film!

Claire * Lola Is Beauty said...

Anna - how is it always the most treaured things that get lost?

Madelene - I will watch it - haven't seen it. And Brialy, indeed, adore him always, beard or not. he must have been such a charmer.

Luci Ana - thank you!

If Jane said...

oh! and oh!
...well thankfully foot elevation and the clever clever words of rohmer came to the rescue!