Thursday, September 23, 2010


D.V. hasn't visited us for ages, I know. Truthfully this is because it takes a ridiculous amount of time to look up the answers to your questions in my well thumbed copy of her memoirs. But since I have lost my voice completely, it seems a perfect time to commune with the lacquered one. If I can't speak, she certainly can. And I hope she's in a good mood with me since I asked English Heritage to put a blue plaque on her house in London. {No, it cannot be red. It would probably be the wrong sort of red anyway.}

For the uninitiated, here's how it works. You ask D.V. a question you would like to have answered. It can be anything, because she knows everything. (See previous ones here.) I will then scurry away and leaf diligently through D.V.'s memoirs until I find the answer to your question.
{Questions left on previous posts will be answered now.}


{photo credit: I can't find a credit but the image is called DianaAndy so it's probably Andy Warhol}


laura emily said...

Great idea! I will definitely support your campaign for a blue plaque on DV's house. I have both of the most recent books written about her and she is simply fantastic!

Bombay Beauty said...

dear d.v.,

do you have any advice for how to find balance in life? i mean between the need for work and making a living on the one hand and life and leisure on the other?


If Jane said...

ok...just let me formulate a question...;)) OH and get well soon!!!! ;)

Toni Marie said...

Dear D.V.

Is it very unwise to drop one of your majors in college while halfway through to start on another major that truly speaks to your heART?

Starting Over

Claire * Lola Is Beauty said...

Laura Emily - They are considering it. It will go before a panel that decides these things and they'll let me know. I'm sure they'll say yes, I's obvious that she should have one, no?

If Jane - think, think...

BB and Toni Marie - she's pondering.