Tuesday, November 09, 2010


Miss Woo from Cheapskate Chic gave me the "I love your blog" prize. Thank you! Cor, it feels as if I haven't done a tag since the olden days of blogging, when there were only two streetstyle blogs and people still bought newspapers every day.

I have to answer the 10 questions and pass it onto 10 of my favourite blogs.

1. Why did you create the blog?

It was so long ago I can't remember...no, ok, I may be an ancient grandma of blogging but I do remember not really knowing exactly what a blog was about 6 years ago and being curious. I had been writing daily for years, but mostly in journals that no one ever saw and a few articles here and there. One day before a trip to Paris I Googled the words Paris, fashion and blog and Elisabeth's blog La Coquette came up first. As soon as I started reading it I remember thinking, "Oh my god, this is amazing/perfect for me/I have got to start one of these blog things immediately!" So I did - and a whole new world opened up for me, (including meeting my now dear friend Elisabeth).

2. What kind of blogs do you follow?
There are (at last count) 129 blogs that I read regularly, with new ones added all the time. I like to see and feel someone's personality through their blog. It just has to be genuine. I like blogs that aren't too narrowly defined usually - I don't read many straight up fashion blogs. I do look at some tumblrs and just image based blogs, but good writing, good original images and a strong personal point of view are what makes a blog stand out to me.

3. Favorite makeup brand?
I'm such a sucker for Chanel nail varnishes, which is totally ridiculous. It's like collecting Barbies - I have to have the new one. Apart from that I don't stick to one brand, or wear much make up, but I like Lipstick Queen lipsticks.

4. Favorite clothing brand?
Is it necessary to explain to regular readers that I've been wearing mostly A.P.C. for  the past 18 years?! You'll rarely see me without at least one item from there, but I love wearing Toujours Toi-Family Affairs, Sessun, Steven Alan and basics from Cos or Uniqlo + J as well.

As for the imaginary wishlist: Celine, Dries Van Noten, '90s archive Helmut Lang.

5. Your indispensable makeup product:
Well, it's more makedown or makeoff, but Bioderma Crealine H20 cleanser (from France).

6. Your favorite color:

7. Your perfume:
Summer: En Passant, Frederic Malle.
Winter: Eau Duelle, Diptyque solid perfume.

8. Your favorite film:
Oh god, this is too hard. Today I'll go with Annie Hall because that's the type of mood I'm in. 

9. What country would you like to visit and why?
Japan. It has been my dream to go there for so long. Every year I say next year. I will get there - next year.

10. Make the last question and answer to yourself: Why don't you just go to Japan, woman?
OK, I'll make it happen. Ha.

I'm passing this on to the usual suspects (you know who you are) and:

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Anonymous said...

Question regarding nail varnish: what are the latest must-have hues? I suppose taupe is still in (I have tried finding it here, but no success, grr) but I'm wondering what's next.
Second: Japan, my offer to come along is still there, must find a way to go. Seriously, before I can't afford it anymore!

Claire * Lola Is Beauty said...

Re: nail varnish - handily, I will be able to tell you tomorrow! (You'll see)

Re: Japan. Seriously, me too! Let's start planning. India was good practice...

Bombay Beauty said...

well as lo coquette is to you, you are to me (sound like one of those word puzzles, but you know what i mean...) xo bb

Claire * Lola Is Beauty said...

BB: I understand! x

Ally said...

Thanks for thinking of tagging me! This questionnaire is really great, I love how it is making the rounds of my favourite blogs.

And ahhh yes Japan. One day!

If Jane said...

oh we almost answered each question the same...yours was the first blog i ever read becaue i google sofia coppola!

Claire * Lola Is Beauty said...

Ally - I think everyone who's done this has answered Japan. We could hire a plane!

If Jane - ha, really, I didn't know that!

ephemerette said...

I'm genuinely honored - thank you x

p.s. If there's room on that plane to Japan I'm in! I went a few years ago and have been desperate to return ever since.

Camille said...

Thank you Claire for tagging me! It's quite an honour to receive that from someone who's blog is amongst my favourites!

Miss Woo said...

Thank you for the answers, it was fascinating to read them. Funnily enough Lola is Beauty is also one of the first blogs I discovered online, kind of crazy how time flies.

danica said...

thank you so much passing on the prize to me, claire! i loved reading your responses to each question...i think we have quite a bit in common.