Wednesday, March 28, 2012


{1 - 5, Venice; 6, rainy day in Trieste; 7, 8, Castello di Miramare; 9, 10, How to walk in Venice; 11, say hi to my fake Venetian boyfriend.}


charlotte said...

love these - that top shot is poster-worthy.
hi FVB!

BB said...

love these pics (i know that alley!) xo bb

anabela / fieldguided said...

These are so beautiful, Claire! They look like stills from a film. Such good colours.

Tommy said...

Long legs, good choice. Alleyway and ice-cream shots - beautiful!

Amila said...

Pic do all the talk.

Love first one ,a lot.

Joana said...

Wow, you have the coolest photos here. I love the sense of fog. (I think you'll become one of my favourtie blogs - I got here through one of my faves too (

Your photos kind of make me realise there's beauty everywhere!

lola is beauty said...

Charlotte - FVB says hi!

BB - Don't you miss that alley when you're walking down straight wide roads?

Anabela - thank you - yes the one with the older man and lady definitely reminds me of a film.

Tommy - always go for the long legs, and ice cream!

Amila - thank you.

Joana - thank you, that's such a nice thing to say - Tommy is one of my faves too!