Sunday, March 25, 2012


 Paolo Roversi shoots Prada for Vogue Italia. I love the mix of colour sliced with black and white.

Deborah Turbeville for Vogue Italia Couture supplement (which I've never seen in England?) Valentino Couture - wow. Turbeville also shot the spring/summer 12 Valentino campaign, which I love for its natural dappled light and shadows. Models who look like humans in natural poses who happen to be wearing devastatingly beautiful dresses. (In an archaeological ruin?) When you come across it in a magazine, it stands out through its subtlety against all the other digitally enhanced bright and glossy campaigns.

{Instagram snaps posted here for the benefit of the iphone-less.}


Anonymous said...

Chiuri & Piccioli are my new heroes!

lola is beauty said...

Mia - They had the red studded bag from the campaign at the Valentino outlet in the airport - only €1200! I picked up a lookbook though...x

Cheryl - So weird, I published comment No.2 but it's disappeared now!

lola is beauty said...

Cheryl - ignore me, found it!